Inexpensive lighting solution

cheap security lightingOur new shed has no electricity, and I didn’t feel like running a line to the new structure. It is, after all, a free-standing, non-permanent, unattached shed.

We didn’t want anything too overpowering – the shed is in a dark corner of the yard, but it is close to the living room window.  During the spring and fall, the insulated curtains are open to allow daylight in. I also didn’t want motion detection, because the only thing more annoying than bright lights shining in the window would be bright lights that continually turned on and off every time one of the animals wandered too close.

These LED solar lights have the solar cell built into the globe. They were on clearance for $4 each. An inexpensive flag pole bracket is the perfect mounting device. And, once the lights have expired, replacing them is simple, and cheaper than replacing light bulbs.

For interior lighting, I have my eyes open for a clearance LED solar security light. These run in the $50 range, still cheaper than running a line to the shed. The panel will be mounted on the roof, with the power cable running inside the shed. The light will be mounted inside, and will only turn on when I enter the shed, providing more than enough illumination for me to work.

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