The Dog Run and all you can eat cod

The Dog RunCold. Brrr.  Temps are in the 60’s. We are in the midst of Spring reset at work – I am lucky to get the indoor patio resets – two nights at each store for the entire month. I get to build and install all of the displays 12, 16 or 20 feet up depending on the store.

I am now the senior member on my team – most of the crew is green – lime green. We have been a month without a manager – our new manager was announced last week and will join us next week. Last week was my two-year anniversary. Small pay increase, and two weeks vacation!

This winter has been very wet – extraordinary amount of rainfall.  That promises for a more colorful than usual spring bloom in the desert.  Last year was a real trial for us – 2016 promises to be good.

I plan on using some of my vacation time to hike into the mountains and camp overnight. I have been saving up for a new DSLR. a decent camera. My point and shoot Canon has served me well, but it is time to move up.  I am resisting the urge to use my credit card – I have been diligent to not charge more than $70 a month – enough to ring up rewards points and also to be able to pay off the balance each month. I want a new camera before I go hiking again.

It is Snowbird season – and very difficult to find an empty bar stool at our favorite haunts. If we hit Captains after 10PM, the place is fairly empty.  The Birds like to be in bed by 9PM!  Last night we had a hankering for wings – Captain’s was packed.  We went to The Dog Run which has a larger bar.  We found two empty seats. The place was packed. It was Cod Night – all you can eat cod for $9.95. Unfortunately that meant that the only thing you could order from the kitchen was cod – unless you wanted to wait for your order.  The cod was excellent – fresh not frozen. Light and flaky.

The best thing – I was able to get a few good photos and will soon be working on a new painting in the studio. The Dog Run and Filly’s Roadhouse are on the top of my list for new paintings. Captain’s will be a bit more of a challenge – the bar is nondescript.  It is the clientele that make Captain’s interesting. I know that there is a good painting there somewhere – I have just yet to catch that moment.


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