A Union

sunset-webThis is my latest completed painting – Arizona Sunset. And yes, we do have sunsets that look like this – well, in an impressionistic sort of way. It was my gift to my niece at her wedding.  Well, not really my niece. She was married to Liz’s nephew, and to make things uncomplicated when we meet new people they call me their uncle and I call them my nephew and niece.  Because then we would have to explain that Liz and I are not married, we let people assume what they will. Then we would have to explain that Mike and Tami are divorced for many years, even though until last year they lived together and remain best of friends. Anyway…

20160214_132446Yesterday we attended Tami and Patsy’s wedding. Mike joined the Universal Life Church at the same time as I did, for the sole purpose of performing weddings.  We are in the company of the likes of Bryan Cranston, Richard Branson, Sir Ian McKellen and Conan O’Brien.  Mike joined to marry his ex-wife, but this time without the commitment.   I joined – well simply to be able to tell people I am an ordained minister.

20160214_133300I was disappointed to hear the wedding was going to be dry. I  assume that is due to either persons on probation not being allowed to be at an event at which alcohol is served. There may have been other issues – but at least none of them were Mormons. We found a work-around – red Solo cups!  Mike’s place is right around the corner from the hall they used for the wedding, and he stocked his liquor cabinet with hard liquor. Jameson for me, Bullit bourbon and Coke for Liz, gin and tonic for Mike and his sons.

The ceremony was very traditional – the candle ceremony, the cutting of the cake, and the food fight between the bride and bride, first dance and all that. Mike altered the ceremony to fit the circumstances, the brides exchanged their own written vows – I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was my first gay wedding.

20160214_154804Tami’s brother-in-law Tom and I did severe damage to the fifth of Jameson. Both brides had the support of their families, which was very good to see – Tami’s family has always been supportive of her lifestyle, and it was good to see Patsy had what I hope is the same acceptance.

Everyone retired back to Mike’s place after the wedding – including the brides. We did more damage to the liquor. And best of all, Liz and I were able to make it back home in time for the season premier of The Walking Dead!

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