1953 Craftsman King-Seeley shaper

craftsman-king-seeley-shaper I love vintage tools. I love vintage anything. Most of my gun collection is vintage. I have a lot of antique hand tools.

I am not  a technophobe. I don’t have have the latest of everything, but when working around the shop I use my cordless tools whenever possible. I prefer the sound of vinyl on my 1970’s era record player, but prefer the convenience of my MP3 player with a catalog of well over 5,000 songs.

This week I acquired a vintage shaper.It is a Craftsman model 103.920 made by King Seeley. circa 1953-54.

Sure, I have a Craftsman router. Coupled with a table, it would accomplish anything I need. But how is it going to hold up to big projects? The shaper is heavy duty – industrial. It will eat its way through wood without strain.  And this baby, more than a half a century old, will be running strong long after I am gone. You can’t say that about the crap that is manufactured today in China.

The down side is the cost of the shaper bits – $50 to $250 apiece. Luckily the shaper came with a full compliment.

After the studio closet is completed, I will turn my attention to the carport, turning it into a shop area. I am almost to the point that I can begin work on restoring my 1953 Field and Stream 14-foot travel trailer.

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