Skull Sawblade Clock I sold two sawblade clocks this week – this one was a special request from Delaware. He said he didn’t think the desert landscapes would fit his decor!

Skulls are not my usual subject, but I had fun painting this one. The 12 has been fixed so that the numbers are square.

The other went (is in the mail) to Michigan, and is the night scene.

Life in the East Valley

desert sunsetIt is approaching the ten month mark that I have been in Arizona. The mountains still fill me with awe, the heat hasn’t beaten me yet, and I am amazed at how congenial most people are.

We moved here in the fall, when the temperatures were in the high 90’s with negligible humidity. The temperatures dipped into the high 40’s on the coldest of winter days, there were days I actually had to wear a long sleeve shirt. This past winter was wetter than normal, which while providing needed water for the aquifer, also caused excessive growth of the desert vegetation which died and dried out come spring, adding fuel to the wild fires that are a constant threat. Continue reading »

Superstition Sunset

Superstition Sawblade clockNumber three – this is my third Superstition Sawblade clock. All clocks have quartz movements. The scenes are hand-painted in high quality oils, and protected with several coats of non-yellowing damar varnish.

These clocks are available for only $45 each, plus shipping.

Night Time

Superstition Sawblade Clock - night sceneSOLD! Night Time – Superstition Sawblade Wall Clock – $45

Here is my second completed wall clock. I am awaiting another clock works so I can begin work on the next one. As I get a few dollars here and there I buy more clock innards, and have plans in my head for a mantle clock with pendulum eventually.

For now I am concentrating on building up my inventory of wall clocks – the Snowbirds will be returning to the Valley in a few months, and I plan to have a full inventory for art shows and the local open studio days.


Taps - the Royal Tavern in South PhillyTaps – 24″ x 36″, oil on canvas, $800

Yes, this is a specific bar in a specific tavern in a specific city. But that shouldn’t matter, because I have sat at this same bar in Portland Maine. I had more than a few drinks at this bar in Paducah, Kentucky. I got wasted at this bar on Toronto, Canada one afternoon.

You know of what I speak. This bar is a classic – I have sat at one in Florida, in New Orleans, and I am certain that there is one near you! It is the classic bar – rich dark mahogany with a lacquered counter top that has seen many spilled drinks and careless burns from dropped cigarettes.

This particular bar is in the royal Tavern, on Passyunk Ave., in South Philly. Located quite a few blocks south of South Street, it has all the flavor of a South Philly tavern. On a given afternoon it is packed with hipsters sipping their PBR in a can. They make a mean vegan chili – and I am neither hipster nor vegan, but you never feel out of place, if you can find an empty bar stool. Any time I have even wandered in, seating was at a minimal. And that, my friend, is the sign of a happening neighborhood bar.

Web Design Services – $300 for a custom website!

website Stan SperlakFacebook and Twitter can only do so much to promote a person as an artist. A serious artist really has to have a personal website that showcases their work and speaks of them as an individual.

Facebook is too distracting to be a serious platform for self-promotion, although it is integral in the overall plan. LinkedIn caters to too narrow an audience, and in each of these cases it can be difficult to access the page of the person you are looking for.

Websites allow for a personalized URL, an address that can be printed on a business card, linked to via emails and social websites, and allow you to provide a custom experience for your visitors. Continue reading »

Superstition Sawblades update

Here they are – the latest update on my Superstition Sawblades.

Superstition Sawblades are hand-painted original designs.Every blade can be converted into a wall clock. Sawblades are priced at $15 each, and clocks are $45 each. All paintings are signed by the artist.


website Jill CucciArtist Jill Cucci-Smith added classes to the fall schedule for her Barn Studio.

Jill holds classes during summer break for children and teens, and hosts adult classes throughout the year.

She has just started renting the Barn for parties with an artistic flare.

Superstition Sawblade Clock

Superstition Sawblade clock Superstition Sawblades

$45 plus $11.95 shipping (continental USA)

I have begun the process of converting my Superstition Sawblades into clocks.

After applying the numbers, I sprayed several coats of damar varnish to protect the finish. The varnish also really makes the colors pop.

The clock uses one AA battery (included) and is the perfect accent for a den or workshop.


Oh Noooooo!Help me make $25.00 – at no cost to you!

I participate in several survey sites that pay $$$. There are a lot of survey sites out there, and most are of dubious reputation.

I only participate in surveys that have an option of a cash payout. I presently make $20 a month from two survey sites, and have recently added to the other two. Signing up is easy, and free – and I get $25 if you sign up using this link!

To sign up, you have to complete a profile, for which they pay cash. So far I have not received any surveys, per say, but have gotten emails for more personal profile info (which is confidential and not shared with any other party – this survey was highly rated by for which you get more money added to your account.  So far the account balance is a few bucks for not to many minutes of my time – I guess I will find out how easy it is to qualify for the surveys and how well they pay for the amount of time the surveys take.

MySurvey and I-Say Survey pay out okay, but it could be better. And MySurvey too often gives you surveys that ask twenty questions and then inform you that you have not qualified, with nothing in exchange for your time OR the info that you provided. I still have made as much as $30 in a month from them, so I am not complaining too much.

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