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Back east, I published and edited an underground arts-oriented newspaper. Called INFERNO, we had a great stable of writers and a dedicated following. We had a great seven-year run.

I am playing with the idea of publishing a similar paper in Apache Junction. There is no paper filling that void, and I have the expertise to do the layout and guide my contributors into understanding what deadlines are.

I am at a distinct disadvantage in Arizona, however. I no longer have the support of a broad network of professional contacts that I did in South Jersey, and printing a newspaper is definitely a regional project. Continue reading »

Vintage Radio – for sale! $35 and you can own it!

1955 GE Model 645 AM Radio I picked up this beauty at an auction a few years ago. It is a 1955 General Electric Model 645 portable radio.

It runs on 110 volts AC house current, or on batteries that are no longer made. I don’t have a lot of 1nformation on this radio, other than the model numbers (644, 645, 646, 647 etc.) were the same radio with different color. The most popular were gray and white. I added a link to this baby playing because I am simply amazed at the sound quality for an AM radio with no external antennae, that is older than I am.


I love old electronics, and am always buying old crap. If I had room I would have a hundred old radios. Speaking of room, I need to make some. This radio is available for $35, plus shipping and insurance.  They are listing on eBay for as much as $80.

Superstition Sawblade Clocks

Superstition Sawblade ClockI have been working on my Superstition Sawblades – all of them will sport quality paint similar to my oil paintings.

In fact, I use the same high quality artist oils to paint these scenes. You can own any of these sawblades for $15.

Do you want something more, a piece of original art that is also functional? I will convert any sawblade into a working clock. The price is $45, not including shipping and handling charges, since I will have to carefully package each unit so that it will arrive safely and in working order.

Another Blade

Superstition Sawblade - night sky I have been giving all of my sawblades a redux. This is the latest, another night sky scene.

All of my blades are for sale for a mere $15. If you are interested, contact me. Shipping is included (for the time being) for all purchases in the continental USA!

Cactus Sunset

Cactus Sunset

Cactus Sunset, oil on canvas, 8″x10″, $100

I wasn’t sure where I was going with this one, and almost trashed it several times.

The trees gave me the hardest time, and it took me several tries until I was able to resolve them.

I am happy with it now. If I wasn’t happy, it wouldn’t see the light of day.

As with almost all of my art, this is available for sale. Unless otherwise stated, paintings are unframed. The prices include shipping within the continental USA, if you reside elsewhere, contact me and I will inform you of shipping and handling charges.

More Superstition Sawblades

I completed three more sawblades this afternoon. There are four more waiting in the wings…

If you would like a sawblade, please contact me via the contact form (via the menu on the top of the page) and describe which one you want.  I will get back to you and tell you if it is available, and then you can pay via the Paypal “pay now” button here. They are $15, with shipping included if you are in the continental USA.

I was excited when Liz called me from Goodwill this morning, and told me she found a JVC receiver that looked to be in good condition. Last month she picked up a Sony 5-disc CD changer for $7.50. I have speakers all set up in the studio, wired inside and out, and all we need is an inexpensive receiver.

I tested the receiver on a table before installing it in the entertainment center in the studio – it cranked and the sound was awesome. I was elated… until I had it al set up and realized that the right channel was dead. With the speakers being next to each other, I couldn’t tell that only one was working. Oh well, at least Goodwill has a return policy.

Superstition Sawblades – revisited

Superstition Sawblades – $15 each (free shipping on the continental USA)

Last November I started painting old used circular sawblades. I was looking for an easy project creating salable, outsider art objects; with all of the construction and rehabbing I was doing to the studio, I had plenty of used blades.

I opened an ETSY store, and sold a couple of them. I took down the store since ETSY keeps expiring items in the store, forcing me to pay to restore them, and at some point I have to say “what’s the point of giving ETSY money?” when it is apparent that most people will re-post the images on Pinterest, but they think $15 (shipping included) is too much for an original hand-painted piece of outsider art.

I tossed all of the blades into a pile in a fit of disgust, damaging the paint on many of them. This week I began the project of re-painting the scenes, and adding a little more detail than was on them originally – keeping them more in line with my desert paintings. These are the first three to undergo a makeover.  I have another six waiting in the wings – waiting for the new paint to dry so that I can do some detail work.

They are still available for sale, but not through ETSY.

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