New Superstition Sawblade Clock

Superstition Sawblade ClockSuperstition Sawblade Clock – First Water Trail


This is the First Water trail in Tonto National Forest – with quite a bit of artistic license.

I will be participating in some monthly art shows beginning in January 2014, and will have my paintings, of course – but need to have some inventory of inexpensive fine craft items that I can easily sell.

In this economy, people will buy functional items before they buy art for hanging.

New Sawblade Clock

Sawblade Clock - Arizona SunsetSuperstition Sawblade Clock


I got a little spare cash this past week and invested in a couple more clock works. I am trying to build up inventory for 2014 when we will have some art and fine craft shows.  I would like to have 20 or so ready so that I can sell some.

I have to get an AZ business license, and also an Apache Junction tax certificate before I can sell. AJ is a real stickler for collecting sales tax even from artists.

General Nonsense – a mixed bag of crap

martini and paletteThe palette is dirty, the martini is not!

California is giving us some nasty weather here in the East Valley. The temperatures dropped to the fifties, and the skies have been gray for three days in a row, and expected to stay this way through the weekend.

Rain is sporadic, creating flood-like conditions throughout the valley. It seems that there is nasty weather across the states.  At least we don’t have to deal with tornadoes or blizzards.

Arizona Drivers:
People in Arizona simply do not know how to drive in the rain. Actually, AZ drivers, at least in this area, are pretty bad overall. We have the Arizona right on red. where the person with the red light doesn’t believe they are required to stop, or even yield to oncoming traffic. We have very creative uses of the directional – when it is used at all. We have the left hand U-Turn on a red light, illegal and dangerous, and again with a total lack of respect for oncoming traffic. And AZ drivers LOVE to drive in your blind spot. They will come up on you very quickly on the highway, and then glue themselves to your blind spot. You can never change lanes without actually turning your head and looking behind you. And they love to cross a three-lane highway totally oblivious to traffic. Continue reading »

Big Red

Big Red “Big Red”
Oil on canvas


Okay, I have about wore myself out on this thing – it is done.  I toned down the sky which was competing with the truck a little too much rather than filling in some negative space.

I now have four canvases in the studio that I painted abstract under-paintings, simply to get my head out of this painting and into another project.

Anyway, Big Red is an early 1950’s International pickup truck that served time as a fire truck, and is sitting out its retirement at the Goldfield Ghost Town.

CenturyLink is only as good as the weakest link…

CenturyLink SUCKS!CenturyLink sucks! THIS is why they suck. This box serves hundreds of customers in the old part of Apache Junction.

Last June we began experiencing ever increasing problems with our internet service. The internet would go down periodically, but would come back up in a matter of minutes.

We put up with this, until in August it went down for good – no access.  Zero. Zip. Nada!

I finally called what passes for tech support – of course it is outsourced, screwing Americans out of employment so the CEO of CenturyLink can add a few bonus dollars to his already overly fat wallet at the expense of providing customers with quality service.  After navigating their horror story of an automatic directory, I was able to speak to a human being for whom English was just barely a second language. Continue reading »

Not quite ready for prime time…

Old RedSomething I find useful when struggling with a painting is to photograph it than look at it on the computer. I get the distance I need as well as a thumbnail size shot of what the thing is going to look like.

I have been sparring with this one for well over a month – much longer, much more attention, than it deserves. I love paintings that employ a lot of negative space.  I have actually accomplished negative space in positively. Continue reading »

Kirk McBride website updates

Kirk McBrideKirk McBride, an artist from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, had me make some major updates to his website this weekend.

He added dozens of new paintings. What he can do on a 6″ x 6″ canvas amazes me. Most of my favorite paintings of his are all small scale, 8″ x 10″ and smaller. You would never guess guess by the detail.

Tile and Grout

Mosaic sampleI possible public art project looms on the horizon – we jumped the first two hurdles easily. The next step is to present actual samples of the artwork to the board that will decide on whom to award the job.

Liz and I each created our own 12″ square sample on 5/5″ plywood. I decided to stay a little more monochromatic, Liz opted for a more colorful presentation. We both added 3-dimensional ceramic objects and mirror. The mirror adds movement to a 2-dimensional installation. Continue reading »

Low Budget

skullsLike the Kinks song, I’m on a low budget. One step forward, two giant leaps backward.

Today I found these skulls on sale – $2.11 total (including tax) for all five. It is too late to do anything for the Day of the Dead, but I will be ready for next year.

Where I work, there are two high-shrink aisles. Shrink means that merchandise on the shelves is not what the actual inventory indicates. It is lower due to five-finger discounting.

The art supplies aisle is one of them – it seems that artists in particular like to help themselves to freebies, legal or otherwise. Continue reading »