superstition sawblade clock It is always good to make a sale. A good friend from PA bought this one today. It is a good way to end the year.

After every rain I find pennies in our back yard – always tails up. They must be under the thin layer of dirt, and the rain brings them up – but it has struck me as odd that they are always tails up.

Today I found a penny, and for once it was heads up.  A portent of good things to come in 2014?

This is what happens when Germans create children’s myths…

KrampusKrampus is a pagan mythological figure of Germanic origin. A black, hairy figure with an obscene tongue, curved horns and cloven hoofs, he was later usurped by the Church as a depiction of the devil.

Krampus would wander the streets terrorizing children, whipping them with birch branches, and in later manifestations of the myth he would chain them and drag them into hell.

I guess you could call him the Bad Santa. He is a truly sick depiction – the bundle of birch branches can only be called phallic, and come on, what’s up that tongue? Continue reading »

Desert Detritus Mantel Clock

Desert Detritus Mantel ClockDesert Detritus Mantel Clock


I had intended to add a base to this clock, but after looking at is, I was taken by the simplicity of the design, and the motion and beauty of the wood. I decided to leave it as it is – I am afraid that anything else could detract.

The wood is cholla root. The base is an old rusted speaker from an automobile that was scavenged in the desert in one of the washes.

The clock measures approximately 11 inches high and wide. The works are, as always, accurate quartz movement. The wood has been hand rubbed with linseed oil, and the metal sprayed with a thin coat of enamel lacquer.

Superstition Sawblade Clock

superstition sawblade clock Superstition Sawblade Clock

$45 (free shipping in continental USA)

I have a new Desert Detritus in the works, but while I am still scavenging wood for the base to complete it, I decided to put together yet another Superstition Sawblade Clock.

This brings my inventory up to ten sawblade clocks, and four detritus clocks – all available for sale. if you order today, you can still get one in time for Christmas – USPS Priority mail, baby! And the postage is included with the sawblade clocks (continental USA only). Heck, I will even include postage for the detritus clocks too, if you contact me before noon on 12/19/2013!  As long as your mailman does his/her job, I will do mine!

I am off work until Saturday morning, so I guess I will be spending some time in the studio. Maybe even put in some easel time. I just acquired a new clock works with pendulum – so another detritus wall clock will soon be in the works! Stay tuned.

SACA Community Arts Project

Cutting the panel into various shapes    Today was phase one of a community arts mural that is Liz’s brainchild. Borrowing from her previous experience with the ArtWorks, TeenArts, and A.C.E. (Art Creates Excellence) programs, she recommended a tried and true project to bring the Apache Junction community into an arts project – a mixed media mural.

Gustavo McGrew donated the three panels of chipboard and the paint. Mountain Health and Wellness is sponsoring three farmers markets, the first that debuted today, in the EarthHeart Park. The park and the farmer’s market are Gustavo’s work, as he takes the center beyond offering mere social services. Continue reading »

Desert Detritus Mantel Clock

desert detritus clock Desert Detritus Mantel Clock


This is my latest Desert Detritus Clock.  The knurled wood is Cholla root, hand rubbed with 10 coats of linseed oil.

The metal is an old heater grate scavenged from the desert, as is the other piece of metal making up the base.  The wood base is a chunk of wood from the wash next to  Liz’s nephew’s house. I added the color to it, with some antiquing, so that this piece would not be monochromatic.

The base is about 11″ x 5″. The clock movement is a highly accurate quartz movement, and I always provide Duracell batteries with my clocks, no scrimping.

Continue reading »

Cholla Lamp

Cholla LampWhen we began our regular hikes in the desert last year, we collected tons of detritus, rocks and cholla branches.

I didn’t know what I was going to do with the branches, only that they were cool.

One day I said to Liz, this would look really cool if I could put lights inside. Of course I was speaking of the eight foot high cholla skeleton that is next to our studio (and I still might put lights in it some day) but I finally decided on an easier project.

Michael’s sells LED strings that are battery operated for than $6.99.  Wait for the 40% off coupon, and now we are talking something I can afford!

It took quite a bit of work with my Dremel, router and drill to fit the battery pack inside the base of solid wood and to fish the string of LEDs through the piece.

I am going to have to fine-tune the process, and hone my skills with the router for future lamps – but I am happy with this test run.

Another Holiday Survived

going to the chapelAnother holiday survived. We were never a close family, but I do miss mine.

Liz’s family came for a visit – Paul Lemmons, her nephew, is great.  He is weird though, he enjoys jumping out of perfectly fine airplanes, and thinks cutting a hole in an ice covered lake to go fishing is fun!

I have been Facebook friends with him for a while, finally got to meet.  He is funny as hell, and great to hang out with.

Thanksgiving was okay – Liz had to work, and I had to take it easy because I had to work all night until Friday morning. Friday we ht the Apache Trail up to Canyon Lake. Continue reading »