Desert Detritus Wall Clock

Desert Detritus ClockDesert Detritus Wall Clock with pendulum

Yours for $150!  On this you will have to pay shipping.

This clock is 18-inches tall – the largest I have done to date. The metal components were scavenged during my regular hikes in the Sonoran Desert. The face is a speedometer for a car that has long since passed. The curvy wires are from a mattress spring, possibly, or maybe from a car seat.

The wood is a cholla branch, long since deceased. I used a spool of brass wire that I acquired from an estate sale to accent the piece as well as reinforce the joints.  The works are accurate quartz movement.


Unlikely Tenant

great horned owl There is a Home Depot in the East Valley with an unlikely tenant that refuses to pay rent.

This Great Horned Owl has called these rafters home for several years, according to the employee I talked to.

As we were taking pictures, I am sure this fellow was posing; as we moved from one side to the other, he changed positions, and kept his eyes open when we are taking photos, but then closed his eyes when we put the cellphones down.

They do not have a problem with rats or stray cats in this particular store.


Predatory Pinterest – I hate BULLIES!

Pin This!
Pin This!

Unless your head has been buried in the proverbial sand, or stuck as far up your rectal cavity as the CEOs of Pinterest have theirs, you have heard of Pinterest. I still don’t get their business model, but I joined early on just to add one more avenue of sharing my artwork.  I have seen no real benefit, but since it took so little effort on my end, and since it was free, I figured “What the hell?”

Well, Pinterest has entered into a lawsuit against a very small internet start up called – a site that allows users to share their trips. But because this new start up used the extremely uncommon word “pin” in their name, a word that according to Pinterest never existed until they used it, Pinterest decided to use their massive resources to bully this smaller company. Continue reading »

Happy New Year from a procrastinator

Superstition Mountains
The Superstition Mountains

Writer’s Block. I don’t understand how compulsive bloggers can keep it up, day after day, year after year. If I have a subject, I can write forever. But when I have nothing to write about, my creative thought processes come to a standstill.

I suppose the secret is to turn the mundane into a fascinating dialogue, to trick the reader into believing they are sharing a personal moment with the writer. Today is the third day of a three-day weekend – which I haven’t had for a while, and hopefully will have less frequently if I get an expected phone call this afternoon. Continue reading »

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