Jill Cucci-Smith website changes

cucci website It seems I have been doing a lot of website updates lately – not that I am complaining. Jill is the latest, with added classes and workshops, as well as streamlined workshops pages.

The updates have been minor, I did revamp the banner/header graphic because I was never really happy with the previous version. The new one is simple and clean.

Mixed Bag

Lost Dutchman DaysMixed Bag of Updates
I suppose some updates are past due. It has actually been a very busy week, if not very productive.

I have been busy with website updates for several of my clients.  the nice thing about working nights is that I have afternoons to sit on the patio and work on these projects.

I already hate Windows 8.1
I got sick and tired of the Windows nag messages to update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. I figured that any small upgrade could not be that bad, and finally fell into Microsloth‘s trap! Continue reading »

Stan Sperlak updated his website

website Stan Sperlak I have been busy with website updates this week. That is always a good thing!

Stan Sperlak recently added a blog to his site, and he commenced with an excellent post on his recent trip to Hawaii. Now, beside viewing his work you can get into the head of this artist, as he writes on a personal and highly readable level.

Under his paintings page, he added a new gallery of recent paintings. How he manages to produce as prolifically as he does while also managing an intense schedule of workshops in venues all over the world amazes me.

KirkMcBride.com updates

Kirk McBrideAs usual, when I make significant updates to my clients’ websites, I post an update here.

Kirk added about a dozen new paintings to his galleries. If you are unfamiliar with his work, I urge you to visit the site. I especially like his recent paintings of old rusty trucks, and vintage Volkswagen Beetles.  I have a soft spot for old Beetles – I used to own a 1971 Super Beetle with sunroof that leaked when it rained!

An accomplished plein-air painter, Kirk’s subjects range from the Arizona desert mountains to the Maryland seaboard. He offers workshops, and did make one important change to an upcoming plein-air workshop; if you are from the East Coast and familiar with his work, check this out.

SACA Mural Project

Mountain Health and Wellness Farm Market A patchwork of abstract design…

Today was the second of three Farm Markets hosted by Mountain Health and Wellness in Apache Junction. I manned the SACA booth.  Liz had to work this morning, so Jeff and Gail helped me until Liz arrived.

I assembled the cut shapes back into the 4’x8′ panel when I got home for this photo.  Any single piece on its own doesn’t have impact. As a whole, a different story. Of course, the end-product will look nothing like this. They will be assembled into a collage of shapes and colors, and displayed in an exterior mural on the grounds of the MH&W Earth Heart Park. Continue reading »