Phoenix Art Museum

“Art is a response to life. To be an artist is to undertake a risky way to live, to adopt one of the greatest forms of liberty, to make no compromise. Painting is a form of love, of transmitting the years in art.” ~ Antonio Berni

Liz and I spent the afternoon at the Phoenix Art Museum. Our main attraction was the featured exhibition of Argentinian artist, Antonio Berni. We knew little about him going in, except that he worked with found objects and created some amazing sculpture. He was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, although virtually unknown in the United States. Continue reading »

Latest Acquisition

Justrite Electric Lantern with Cobalt Blue Globe
Justrite Electric Lantern with Cobalt Blue Globe

I have always loved trains. I guess this dates back to my youth and my dad and I used to walk the defunct tracks and trestle on the outskirts of Groveville, NJ, and explore the abandoned station.

My dad grew up in Groveville, and played on the same tracks when the station was in operation. As I recall, this was mainly a freight depot.

He told me the stroy about one fateful Sunday when he was playing on the railroad box cars, and he managed to release the break of a lone boxcar. To his horror the boxcar began rolling dow

n the slope towards the trestle. He quickly abandoned post and watched as the car hurtled towards the trestle. Continue reading »

Web works

Kirk McBride This has been the month for website updates.  Jill Cucci-Smith wanted a total re-working of her site, not merely a facelift. Stan Sperlak is continually tweaking his site. And Kirk McBride added dozens of new paintings to his galleries.

While Kirk is best known for his seascapes and paintings of the eastern Shore of Maryland, I am especially enamored of his paintings of old trucks, farm machinery and Volkswagen Beetles. I guess the fact that my first vehicles were old trucks (a 1966 Ford 100, a 1964 Ford 3/4 ton, and a 1970 Toyota Hi Lux) and a 1971 Super Beetle might add to the nostalgia. One day I hope to be able to afford one of his paintings. Continue reading »

Writer’s Block

captains2Or rather, Painter’s Block…

I have not been in the studio in eight months.  In the beginning of the year, the excuse was getting used to working nights. This summer, it is the fact that the studio is 110ºF.

The truth is, I have no creative drive – possibly due to a combination of the above.  However, I don’t even have that much of a creative drive to write.

Perhaps with cooler weather, and some paid days off in my future, I will tap into some reserve.

Captain’s is a little dive bar that Liz, Mike and I hit for a few cold beers after auction night.  It looks like it might be possible inspiration for a new American Bar Series painting. Captain’s is “My Kinda Place”… you know – that ubiquitous bar song from last decade that made you want to throw the cue ball into the jukebox with excessive force. Continue reading »


cucci-smithGrowing up at home, my mother used to rearrange the furniture on a regular basis, or at least that is how it seems. Maybe it wasn’t as often as my memory seems to believe.

It was always a trial for my dad, who was constantly stubbing his toes or slamming his shin into an end table or sofa that was not there eight hours ago. Of course, if my father had his way, there would have been no change in the house at all, and funriture would have been bolted to the floor.

Anyway – I have spent the better part of the last week rearraning Jill Cucci-Smith’s website. I talked her into abandoning her static site in favor of a more dynamic blog format. My first mistake was in installing WordPress into a sub-directory so that we could maintain her old website until we got up to speed. Continue reading »