Desert Detritus ClockI hate to revisit old works without having anything new in the works – no pun.

Today the Superstition Museum hosted their annual Prickly Pear event. They had a Prickly Pear breakfast, and you could purchase almost any type of food stuff made from the fruit of the Prickly Pear cactus – jelly, syrup, candy. The pads of the cactus are edible – great with eggs.  I especially enjoy them pickled. Continue reading »

Beginning of a bar

auction findLiz found this vintage bar at the local auction, and placed a proxy bid on it for $40. We see bars go for much more all the time, so didn’t have high hopes. She was pleasantly surprised when the auction house called her today and informed her that she won.

The bar is cool in a sort of retro 1970’s “Three’s Company” sort of way, but not exactly our style; but it is quite solid and will serve as the base for a major makeover. The stools will get a paint job – a nice turquoise – and new fabric, something that resonates Key West.

The bar will be wrapped in bamboo, and the top will be covered with bar coasters and chips from my collection, and coated with a thick resin. The effect will be a tiki bar ala the Florida Keys.

Until I get the energy to begin this project, at least the bar is not so ugly we cannot live with it.

The Massacre Grounds

The Massacre GroundsLiz and I finally got around to hiking the Massacre Grounds this morning. It is a good hike from the parking area to the trailhead.

As legend has it, in 1847 a band of Apache ambushed Mexican mine workers transporting gold from a fabled mine owned by the Peralta family. They slaughtered all of the workers, only a few Peralta family members escaped. The Apache took the ponies, and scattered the gold and covered the mine. Continue reading »

Glutton for punishment

Fosti 150cc ScooterMy latest acquisition – a basket-case scooter. I must be a glutton for punishment.

A buddy at work is relocating, and he asked me if I wanted his scooter. It is a 2012 Fosti 150cc scooter, he bought it new. Like an idiot, I said “Sure, I don’t have enough on my plate.”

He had taken the engine apart to replace the head gasket; unfortunately he did this during Monsoon and all the innards were under water, and it is doubtful that the engine can be salvaged. New ones run around $250.

Doing research on the Eagle 150 – that is the model – I discovered that it is billed as the fastest scooter.  It will top out at 70 mph. But that is sort of like bragging about your 4-inch penis…

I didn’t know people raced these things, but then again, they race lawnmowers.

I figure this would be a good way to teach Liz how to ride. At the very least it gives me Apache Junction Cred to have a vehicle in pieces in my yard…

Hiking the washes

Majestic Saguaro

Breakfast at Mickey D’s was delicious as usual. The influx of Snowbirds caused us to actually have to wait to be seated, but as always they kept traffic moving.

I had my usual, biscuits and gravy with an egg, over easy, a side of bacon and a glass of OJ. Liz opted for pancakes, which she had a hard time finishing, the plates are so large. Total damages came to $17 and change.

It was a good way to start the day, before heading out to First Water Road for our hike. We had initially planned to hike the Massacre Grounds Trail, but the road in was all but impassable – the summer rains having created huge ruts and exposed boulder size rocks. Continue reading »

The Tilted Kilt

Tilted KiltsIt was with regret that we heard the news that Monti’s is closing after more than 60-years. Monti’s restaurant is a landmark in Tempe, housed in an adobe hacienda that is reported to be haunted, it is renowned for the steaks.

After our hike in the morning, Liz, Mike and I had decided to reward ourselves with one last visit to Monti’s. So how did we end up at a chain restaurant instead? Continue reading »

Jacob’s Cross Cut Trail

Jacob Waltz Crosscut Trail #58
Hiking the Crosscut Trail #58

The extreme weather is breaking; we can once again get into our regular hiking routine. The Superstition wilderness is so full of trails that we could hike a new one every day and still have plenty of unexplored terrain after a year.

On Saturday we selected an easy hike to begin building stamina. Jacob’s Crosscut Trail #58 is a five-mile, fairly flat run from the First Water Road to Broadway Road trailhead. It cuts across the foot of the mountain. Continue reading »

Other Cat, and Other Shit

Other CatWell, it appears we have a permanent house guest. Nobody responded to the “Found Kitten” fliers or posts on the Apache Junction Facebook page.

Natasha, our cat, has finally accepted that there is another cat in the house, and they do not hiss or fight as much. Tasha is finally coming out of our bedroom and reclaiming her chair, the other cat lies on the sofa with Liz. Continue reading »