There was a time…

Lights… that I would have had my Christmas shopping done by now.

The fake tree would have been decorated, and the house would be decked out in the Christmas spirit. We always had a real tree too, which would be set up two weeks before the big day.

This year I managed to get the house lights up the weekend after Thanksgiving. And the gift shopping list is greatly reduced. I did buy Liz a gift that will be a surprise, and I hope she will appreciate. I have to get her another – that will be next paycheck.  It sucks living from check to check – that seems to be the new normal, though. Continue reading »

Christmas Music

october-christmas-musicA wise former employer told me, when I was fifteen years old, “Be smart, NEVER work in retail”.

He was my first boss, owned a Montgomery Ward franchise, and he was right.

It is not that I hate my job – I work nights, and my job entails constructing displays, merchandising, reconfiguring bays… lots of physical labor and lots of using my head. The pay is standard retail-grade (read: not livable) but the job is challenging.

What is not fun is listening to the piped in music all night long. And beginning on Black Friday and torturing employees through December 24 is a constant barrage of “holiday” tunes. Continue reading »

A taste of the Keys

Making a tiki barThe 1970’s atrocity of a bar is part-way through its conversion to a Key West original!

I am happy to have a creative outlet, as I cannot walk into the studio without going into a panic attack.  My side of the studio has become a clusterfuck of debris and junk and piles of household items and tools that have no other home.

It has become such a quagmire that it is impossible for me to even clean up a small workspace. There is simply no empty space to move anything to. I walk in, look around, try to figure out a game plan, and my head begins to explode.

The bar is a nice project, and inexpensive to boot.  I like that! Liz picked up the 70’s bar set for $40 at auction. It is heavy and solid, and a good base. We agreed on a Key West theme, and so the bar was destined to become a tiki bar. Continue reading »

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