Lost Goldmine Trail

IMG_8106The Lost Goldmine Trail is a ridiculously easy hike, much more the surprising that we did not encounter more hikers on the trail. I suppose the majority hit the Peralta Trail, just a mile beyond.

We wanted a quiet hike with a change of scenery. We are on the opposite side of the Superstition Mountain than usual. The Lost Goldmine Trail takes you across the base of the mountain to the Hieroglyphic Trail if you opt for the entire 8-mile hike.  It is a one way trail, so you had better prepare in advance to have a vehicle waiting at the end, or reverse course. We had plans for the afternoon, so opted to hike a mile and half in, then return along the same course.

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History or Hyperbole?

The History Channel has outdone itself, if you count hyperbole and sensationalism. The video is episode one of Legend of the Superstition Mountains. Watch it, it is interesting, if not factual or accurate.

The so-called documentary meets all of the criteria for “reality television” in that it is based loosely on history, and even more loosely on historical fact. Continue reading »

Ringed-neck Turtle Doves

ringed-neck turtle dovesWe didn’t hike this past week. Liz had a busy week at work and needed to use Saturday to do some necessary procurement of edibles. And with the frequent recent precipitation, our back yard was in dire need of tending. This week I promise I will get out to the mountains.

The recent rains have certainly replenished the spring beds and washes; and speaking of spring – the desert will be in bloom in the coming weeks.

ringed-neck turtle doveIt is free dump week in AJ, so I made a run yesterday afternoon. Take advantage while you can! The local landfill has a free dump week once every quarter.

With the warm weather, I spend most of my free time on the patio. A pair of Ringed-neck Turtle Doves has adopted me, visiting me daily.  With each visit they get bolder, encouraged I am sure by the handouts – I feed them kibbles of dog food.

At first they sat on the wall, watching me, and waiting for dinner. One day I wasn’t paying attention, and the male flew under tha patio and hovered to catch my attention. Now, he just flies up to the table next to my chair, and stares me down until I provide some chow.  I think it will only be a matter of time before I have him eating from my hand.

As you can see, my life has been less than exciting the past few weeks. Sometimes that is a good thing.