Phantom of the Opera

phantom of the operaSaw the Phantom of the Opera at the ASU Gammage Theater in Tempe, AZ tonight.

This will be the third time I have seen the production live. The first time was at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto in the early 1990’s.  Second row seating in the orchestra pit, to the left of center stage. The Princess of Wales is a modern theater, and this was my first musical. Well, other than the King and I high school production! Continue reading »

Apache Tear

Apache tearI discovered this in our yard last week, after a heavy rain. It has no value, other than the myth behind it.

This is an Apache Tear – a piece of obsidian formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago.

These artifacts of molten glass were formed during one of the epochs that birthed the Superstition Mountains. Years ago, you could collect them by the dozens in the desert.

The legend surrounding these stones is a part of the sordid history of the United States. In the 1870’s, US Cavalry surrounded a group of about 75 Apache warriors, and as the story goes, rather than surrender or face defeat, the warriors rode their horses off a cliff near what is now Superior, AZ.

The wives and daughters of the warriors cried when they heard, and their tears turned into stone upon hitting the ground.

Made in the USA

texas jeans

Mom, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet – USA! That used to be a fact. I can still count on Mom, but not so much the others.

Apple pie contains GMO’s and High Fructose Corn Syrup. You might as well use Ethylene Glycol as a sweetener! Chevrolet has become the mother of welfare queens, expecting taxpayers to bail out corporate malfeasance and managerial neglect. For a while, we owned a portion of General Motors, but then sold back the shares at a phenomenal loss. No wonder our 401k’s took a hit! Continue reading »

ARTillery – exhibit at the Mesa Art Center

Mesa Art Center exhibit
Mesa Art Center exhibit

Last night, Liz and I attended the opening reception at the Mesa Art Center. With the snowbirds flying back home for the summer, the mood was much different from other times we have visited the center. The locals are much more relaxed and friendly. It might have something to do with being able to drive to our destinations without fighting congested traffic. Or, maybe the fact that we can now frequent our favorite restaurant at dinner time and not face an hour wait in line. Or, possibly that we can find a seat at the bar at our local watering hole. Continue reading »

Two out of three is bad…

Two out of three at Churchill DownsI am not generally a betting man – I work too hard for the little I earn. But sometimes you just have to cut loose – and Saturday being the Kentucky Derby, I laid some money down on Race 11.

A drunk Irishman from Canada taught me how to read the racing forms and how to bet. He had a little more experience with the ponies that I do, but I learned a few rules of thumb. Continue reading »