Right to carry

right to carryArizona is one of three states that allows concealed carry of a handgun without a CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) permit. Alaska and Vermont also have such laws.

Arizona is the only populated state with such laws – Phoenix, AZ is the most populated state capital and the sixth most populous city in the country.

Arizona is a shall-issue state – if you meet the legal requirements and apply for a CCW, one will be issued.  But, a CCW is not required of any legal resident that desires to carry. Continue reading »

Inexpensive lighting solution

cheap security lightingOur new shed has no electricity, and I didn’t feel like running a line to the new structure. It is, after all, a free-standing, non-permanent, unattached shed.

We didn’t want anything too overpowering – the shed is in a dark corner of the yard, but it is close to the living room window.  During the spring and fall, the insulated curtains are open to allow daylight in. I also didn’t want motion detection, because the only thing more annoying than bright lights shining in the window would be bright lights that continually turned on and off every time one of the animals wandered too close. Continue reading »

Windows 10, and other crap

IMG_20141213_163935I installed Windows 10 a few weeks ago. My laptop came packaged with Windows 8, which I updated to 8.1. I never really cared for Windows 8, and installed apps to create a more Windows 7 environment – basically a functioning Start menu.

Widows 8 always puzzled me – I could not understand why Microsloth would insist on forcing an OS designed for phones and tablets on users of desktops and laptops. The lack of a touch screen hampered usability. Continue reading »