Captain’s Lounge

Captain's Lounge, Apache Junction, AZ“Captain’s Lounge”
Oil on canvas

Unfinished – I have to allow the painting to dry down a bit before a little (very little) detail work.

Captain’s is a little dive bar in Apache Junction. I use the term “dive bar” in a definitely non-pejorative sense. A dive bar is a good thing – no pretension, no shallowness, no fancy cocktail menu or uppity bartenders. Continue reading »


cactus blossomSummertime is here, in force! It took a while to warm up, but 100º days are just around the corner. The cactus are in full blossom.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at Mike Henderson’s. He lives in a gated community with swimming pools. We had one pool to ourselves – the place is empty since the snowbirds have flocked home.

We drank gin and tonics and ate bratwursts. I go a sun burn – the first one since I have been in Arizona. Of course, this is the first time I have spent an afternoon in a pool.

A Day at the Races

dog racesGovernor Ducey signed into law legislation banning dog racing in Arizona. The law was inevitable, as these dogs are often mistreated, and it is cruel and inhumane. That said, Liz and I attended a dog race at Captain’s Lounge in Apache Junction.

dog races 3Okay, so this wasn’t real dog racing. It was Chihuahua racing – and the proceeds benefited our own Paws and Claws animal shelter. We have had dealings with Paws and Claws, and they are a first rate organization. Their primary goal is to adopt out animals, not euthanize. Euthanisation is a last resort, with many of the volunteers adopting the unadoptable. Continue reading »

Caswell’s Shooting Range

targetYesterday, Liz and I spent an afternoon at Caswell‘s Shooting Range.  Caswell’s is a full service gun store with 11 range positions. Range fees are $15 per hour per person, and you can bring your own guns and ammo. Their ammunition prices are very competitive. They insist that you purchase your targets from them; I assume there is less of a profit motive here as there is an effort to prevent people from bringing offensive targets. Continue reading »