Apache Tears

Apache TearsApache Tears
Oil on Canvas

Apache Leap, near Superior, AZ, has historical significance. Apache warriors, pursued by the US Cavalry, lept to their deaths from the cliffs rather than surrender.

At the base of the mountain, one can still find obsidian stones locally named Apache Tears. Apache legend has it that the stones are the tears from the widows and children. Continue reading »


sunset 1
Sunset over the Goldfield Mountains


Last night I explored the grounds of the Superstition Mountain Museum after hours. My intention was to capture the sunset, then later the Strawberry Moon as it rose over the Superstitions.

To be honest, I have seen more spectacular sunsets. Any sunset I see is good, it means I survived another day. It means I am not in jail. It means I can expect to see another sunrise. Continue reading »


superstitions web
Lost Dutchman heading towards the Superstitions

Only mad dogs and Englishmen…
“But, it’s a dry heat.” So is my oven, tell that to the pot roast!

The temperatures are hovering around 110º F (43ºC).  There is a stiff breeze.  The sky is cloudless, not even a stray wisp of cirrus. What better excuse to take a short hike in the mountains? Continue reading »

The Dog Run

the dog run

The Dog Run
oil on canvas

The Dog Run is a pseudo-dive bar in Apache Junction. In the summer months, it is a locals bar with several pool tables, dart boards, karaoke and a decent kitchen that closes early. During snowbird season, their fried cod all-you-can-eat specials crowd out the locals. Continue reading »