Superior Arizona

Apache Leap in the background

Arizona boasts many small towns with fanciful names. I reside in Apache Junction, named for the tribes that inhabited much of Arizona, even though not too many Apache spent much time in this part of the Valley. Show Low is named after a fateful card game, and of course everyone has heard of Tombstone. There is Surprise, Cave Creek, Globe, Top of the World, and the subject of today’s rant, Superior. Continue reading “Superior Arizona”


Hi, I am Carl, and I am a recovering fundamentalist.

I entered a 12-step program in 2010. The particular program is non-incidental to this book. There are many 12-step programs. I was hesitant to participate in this particular program due to the emphasis placed on the “higher power”. I associate that ‘higher power’ with my own entrenched definition of ‘god’. Continue reading “doG”

Bar Exam

I suppose it is not saying too much of my aspirations when my dream in life is to be able to get paid to paint, write and drink – not necessarily in that order. My high school guidance counselor in collusion with my father conspired to direct me into the life of a certified public accountant. Yeah, right! I do have a penchant for numbers, but I am not good at it. I mean, I love Sudoku, but don’t ask me to balance a checkbook. I can add the same column of figures five times in a row, and come up with a different answer each time. Yeah, that is a talent, just not a very marketable one. This is why I swear by Microsoft Excel. And no, I am not getting paid for the plug. But I live and die by Excel. I set up a worksheet to balance my checking account. It automatically adds and subtracts and gives me the balance; the only caveat being that I do have to input the correct numbers. Continue reading “Bar Exam”

White Painted Woman

I was privileged to be invited to participate in the sacred coming of age ceremony of an Apache girl. It is called the Sunrise Ceremony. I do not have many photographs of this ceremony. I asked an Apache elder if it was permissible to take photographs. He informed me that if I saw other Apaches taking pictures it was okay. He then said, “Don’t be a tourist!” Continue reading “White Painted Woman”