1956 Coleman Lantern

1956 Coleman LanternLiz just expanded my lantern collection. The collection started with a couple of Dietz kerosene railroad lanterns acquired at an auction. I added a JustRite battery powered lantern with a blue globe a few years ago. That ended my focus on kerosene lanterns.

The newest acquisition is a Coleman Model 200A lantern built in September of 1956. The 200A was a single mantle lantern built from 1951 until 1983. In 1952, the base color was changed from green to red.

This one will be an easy restoration project, all of the parts are still easily acquired today. It has a few dings and some rust – not a perfect specimen, but that adds to the character – and it is serviceable. All of the parts appear to be original.

This brings up fond memories of camping with the family as a child. There was one campground that I remember – I forget the name of the place – but they had a one-eyed duck on the grounds. We would go canoeing, but the high point was always the campfire at night.

Latest Acquisition

Justrite Electric Lantern with Cobalt Blue Globe
Justrite Electric Lantern with Cobalt Blue Globe

I have always loved trains. I guess this dates back to my youth and my dad and I used to walk the defunct tracks and trestle on the outskirts of Groveville, NJ, and explore the abandoned station.

My dad grew up in Groveville, and played on the same tracks when the station was in operation. As I recall, this was mainly a freight depot.

He told me the stroy about one fateful Sunday when he was playing on the railroad box cars, and he managed to release the break of a lone boxcar. To his horror the boxcar began rolling dow

n the slope towards the trestle. He quickly abandoned post and watched as the car hurtled towards the trestle. Continue reading »