A bird in hand

bird in handMy friend, the ringed-neck turtle dove, has been getting more and more brazen. When she is hungry, she is persistent, buzzing my head and making a general nuisance of herself. Today in her excitement and impatience, she flew over to my hand and landed on my finger in her haste to grab the snack.

arizona skyThat is all that it took, and now she doesn’t hesitate to land on my finger to eat.  She even stayed long enough to pose for a photograph.

Thanksgiving was quiet; Liz and I spent the afternoon at Mike’s, had a great dinner, brought home leftovers, and didn’t have to do any kitchen chores!

We had an awesome sunset that evening, ominous one might be inclined to say.

I took some time off from work, to extend my holiday. This is actually the first time off this year that I took for myself, due to circumstances. The weather is quite balmy for the end of November – perfect for enjoying the fresh air while relaxing. The only chore I have planned for today is to wash Liz’s car.


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