A Day at the Races

dog racesGovernor Ducey signed into law legislation banning dog racing in Arizona. The law was inevitable, as these dogs are often mistreated, and it is cruel and inhumane. That said, Liz and I attended a dog race at Captain’s Lounge in Apache Junction.

dog races 3Okay, so this wasn’t real dog racing. It was Chihuahua racing – and the proceeds benefited our own Paws and Claws animal shelter. We have had dealings with Paws and Claws, and they are a first rate organization. Their primary goal is to adopt out animals, not euthanize. Euthanisation is a last resort, with many of the volunteers adopting the unadoptable.

The bar had truly gone to the dogs, with chihuahuas wandering under the pool table and sitting at the bar. Doug, the cook, served as Master of Ceremonies.

Chihuahuas are a favorite pet in this area. They are very sociable and travel well.  That is important if you are a Snowbird or a reverse Snowbird (that is AJ residents that move north in the summer or like to travel).

dog races 2The back parking lot at Captain’s  was cordoned off, with lanes created with empty beer cases. The dogs ran heats, two at a time. The more timid had to be induced to run the course, a treat awaiting them at the end. Others apparently knew the drill and took off running. It was all in good fun, for a good cause.

dog races 4
Mary, owner of Captain’s Lounge

It was a fun way to spend two hours on a Saturday afternoon. Mary, the bar owner was on premises, encouraging people to bet and purchase the fifty/fifty.

After the fun, Liz and I set up our inflatable pool in the back yard, and relaxed before grilling veggies and a pork roast.

Today I am relaxing under the ramada, ceiling fan on high, sipping a cold beer and reading my Kindle, and of course, catching up on email and this (sadly neglected) blog.

dog races 6
Doug, Captain’s cook extraordinaire

This is my first Sunday night off in ages – at work we are going to a four-day work week. Monday night through Friday morning – four 10-hour shifts. Since I have been working five 10-hour shifts for the past few months, the reduction in hours is a relief.  I am not averse to overtime, but sometimes enough is too much. This is especially true when working nights.

I will enjoy not having to take personal time for Superbowl Sunday, and during football season I can enjoy a Sunday game with a few beers (or more) like a real man.

dog races 5I tried to switch to day shifts, but that is not going to happen anytime soon. I am keeping my eyes on the classifieds for likely employment – but in today’s climate you take what you can get. The job is not bad – it requires me to use all of my talents and never gets boring. Overwhelming, maybe, boring, no.

These new hours will make the job more bearable… at least that is my hope.

Anyway – back to the business at hand. Captain’s is our bar of choice. It is a bit of a dive, which is the number requirement I have for a regular establishment. The kitchen menu is sparse. fried chicken livers, fried cheese curds, fried gizzards, french fries – are you seeing a pattern? The hot wings are excellent, and on Fridays there is fried fish – cod. The draft prices are reasonable, and the mixed drinks will not bankrupt you. Mary is the ultimate hostess, and the bartenders ensure your drink does not stay dry for long.

The clientele consists of bikers, cowboys, Snowbirds and hippies. The bar always supports Paws and Claws, and there is rarely ever any trouble. And Kasey always knows what we are drinking, only ever asks if we are having our “regular”.

In closing, I have to note that no animals were harmed in the writing of this article.

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