15284031_10154777250557838_7324432522926969539_nDecember was supposed to be a slow month at work. It didn’t turn out that way.

My boss issued me the key to the shop, and the passcode for the alarm system. I have been coming in early regularly, and working late. I have been working every Saturday. This is a good thing – I am making money, and have no time to spend it. It keeps me out of trouble.

15542310_10154818906627838_787006638923015454_nIn addition to our regular production, this month we have four major projects. Major, in that anyone of them would be enough to keep us busy all day. I am involved in all four.

The subject of this rant is the float we are designing and fabricating for the Fiesta Bowl parade. We have never made a float, so why not take on the challenge?

My employer is a great guy. I have never met a more upright, generous or honest person in my life. And he loves a challenge. Present him with a concept to design and fabricate something we have never done before, and have no clue how to begin, and his first reaction is to say “Yes”.

15542378_10154818906862838_3511643538216163727_nAs an artist, I have been given the duty of fabricating props for this float. Made almost entirely out of Styrofoam, we are shaping props for a 28-foot float. It is a float for the sponsor of the parade.

The key feature of the float are eight large books. The more intricate shapes are cut on our CNC router. My job is to refine the rough pieces, and join them together. Each “book” consists of six pieces of foam. I shape the pieces, and join them. We coat them with poly-urea.  That is truck bed-liner. I then prime them, paint them.

I am working with 4’x8’x4″ blocks of Styrofoam. I cut and shape the foam with wire cutters and a lot of sandpaper.

I will be at the parade in the grandstand on New Year’s Eve. I hope to have great photos of the completed float in all of its grandeur.

Monday I will be working on the other float. I will posts updates as I find the energy.

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