Another thing you can’t do in Jersey…

WineIt has officially been one year (as of September 15) that I left New Jersey for Arizona. There is really not a whole lot that I miss about NJ, and quite a bit that I am happy to distance myself from.

New Jersey is, as is much of the northeast coast, an intrusive state. Bureaucrats and politicians get way too involved in the intimate details of daily life and miss the big picture, such as quality of life.

In AZ, our property taxes are less than 1/10th of what they were in Millville. And, instead of the blasting of hip-hop and police sirens amidst a view of boarded up residences I enjoy quiet evenings and the view of the Superstition Mountains.

Buena Vista Social ClubIf I want to strap a six-gun on my hip and o into Walmart, nobody really looks twice. I can slide my Walther into the holster and carry concealed if I desire a lower profile, and it is legal. And we do not have anywhere near the crime that they have in Chicago, where all of the above is illegal.

With my first paychecks from two part-time jobs, I decided to celebrate. Using a $50 gift certificate, I purchased a little over $50 of wine from I placed the order Thursday evening, the wine arrived this afternoon via UPS. And, I have another 40% off coupon towards the next order!


In one week I will be 52-years old. It’s hard to believe that I am in my 50’s. It doesn’t feel any different from my 40’s – other than the fact that my joints do not function as smoothly as they once did.

I was worried, when we were in AZ, that we would not have too many chances to get to jazz concerts. I assumed it would be all country/western and bluegrass (we have a local bluegrass festival). We are, in fact, close to dozens of class venues. We have more big acts here than I recall ever being in Atlantic City at the casinos.

This past week, Liz treated me to a concert at the Mesa Arts Center. The Buena Vista Social Club is doing its first tour in ten years in the states, and we got balcony seats for Sunday night. The theater was packed.

I am only scheduled for two days this week (although the past two weeks I was asked to work over and to come in on my days off) so I hope to spend a little time in the studio.

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