Apache Tears

Apache TearsApache Tears
Oil on Canvas

Apache Leap, near Superior, AZ, has historical significance. Apache warriors, pursued by the US Cavalry, lept to their deaths from the cliffs rather than surrender.

At the base of the mountain, one can still find obsidian stones locally named Apache Tears. Apache legend has it that the stones are the tears from the widows and children.

Today, the land in the area has been sold to foreign interests for a copper mine. Land that has remained unchanged for over 500 years since the Hohokam lived and traded there will become a vast hole in the ground.

Sacred and historic Apache sites will be swallowed up in this hole. There will be a few local jobs, but foreign interests will reap the profits.  Foreign interests that are intertwined with Iranian interests.

Today, the San Carlos Apache are staging a sit-in of their own at Oak Flay campground. Oak Flat is not sacred, per se. However, it is a traditional Apache camp. Oak Flat, practically at the foot of Apache Leap, is directly on top of the area that would be mined. The Apache set up a semi-permanent camp, and refuse to leave.

When underhanded deals – the swap of this land was orchestrated by Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake – steal sacred land that is part of a National Park, our representatives have officially ceased representing the electorate and have succumbed to special interests. This is one reason that neither Flake nor McCain will ever again get my vote.

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