Beginning of a mosaic wall

mosaic wall in processLiz and I own Independent Artist Studios, a small business were we design and construct large-scale mosaic mural installations.

With all of our installations being on the East Coast, I decided to mosaic the concrete block wall that encompasses our back yard.

We did not have a ton of material, just a lot of leftovers from old jobs and a mish-mash of odd pieces of stained glass – so I opted to do a totally abstract free-form design for the first panel.

As you can see, I ran out of material just about the same time as the temperatures increased to a point of being prohibitive and non-conducive to outside work.

There is a local stained glass supplier, and I intend to pay them a visit – I want to have this panel complete before the open studio tours this fall.


  1. Fantastic project! Lots of hard work but a fab result! I’m planning on mosaic in my bathroom. Does the stained glass slip down the wall a bit before it’s stuck firm? I don’t want to do the reverse method. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. If you are planning on using stained glass on an indoor project such as a bathroom, you will be using mastic to apply the stained glass terrazzo the same way you would apply tile. The glass will not slip, but if the glass is transparent or translucent you will see the white mastic behind the glass. hat will give an uneven appearance to the glass tiles. I would advise using only opaque stained glass. Good luck.

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