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Buck 501 If a person receives bad customer service from a business, I think the rule of thumb is they would tell 7 times as many people compared to if they received good customer service. It’s human nature to complain and share the misery.  If you go shopping and find everything you need without a hitch, where’s the story in that?

I have come to expect the same service I provide to my customers in my daily business. And in today’s environment of big box stores and Walmarts with lowly paid employees, it is easy to accept the status quo of non-existent customer service. So when I am on the receiving end of excellent customer service, I have to speak up!

When I was 8-years old, my dad gave me a knock-off Swiss army knife, and that was the pride of my life. I took it to school ans showed it off to everybody.  I may have even used it in Show and Tell. My how times have changed!  Today a child would have been expelled and branded as a risk factor. So sad the state of so-called education today – children are taught to walk lockstep and to follow rules without question, thinking and reasoning is not allowed in public schools today.

When I was ten, my dad presented me with a two-blade pocket knife, something designed for everyday carry. We call it a DCK – or daily carry knife. It was inexpensive – I think an Old Timer. A classic design.

I always wanted a Buck Knife.  Buck was always the standard by which all others were measured.  I could never afford one. I always had Buck wannabes.  I acquired my Buck in the worst possible way – by inheritance. My Buck was my dad’s DCK. Even on his deathbed, there were two items on the bedside tray, his wristwatch, and his Buck 501.

That knife has been in my right-hand pants pocket ever since. Imagine my dismay, when just over a month ago, the rocker that acts as the blade lock, bent. I sent the knife back to Buck Knives for repair.  I told them it was my father’s knife and I wanted it repaired, no matter the cost. Sure, I could have replaced it with a new one for $75. Buck knives are not inexpensive – and there is a reason.

I was delighted to open my mail yesterday to find my knife, not a replacement, but the knife restored to factory new condition.  I had to inspect it closely to make sure it was the same, and there were some dings in the bolster that were still just barely visible.

The rocker was replaced and the entire knife polished until it gleamed so brightly I was reluctant to hold it. It was given a factory edge on the blade. This was all done under Buck’s “Forever Warranty”. And, they sent me a coupon for a 25% discount on my next knife!

That, my friend, is excellent customer service!

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