Building a shed in 100 degree heat

TIMG_8430he kit arrived via truck a couple weeks ago – a 4′ x 8′ cardboard box that weighed 500 lbs. Pre-cut lumber with everything necessary to build a shed, with the exception of flooring, and roof materials (shingles, felt, drip edge) and nails.

IMG_8447The shed is 10′ x 10′, hence the seam on the flooring lay down. I was not too happy with the seam, and less so with the 24″ centers. I bought extra 2×4’s for the floor, for 12″ centers.  Sure, it is overkill for a shed, but maybe I want to store heavy equipment in there!

IMG_8448The 4×4 runners will ensure the seam doesn’t sag.I put the straight one on the seam.  You can see the shadow across the front – it is so difficult to find straight 4x4x10’s, and impossible to find dry lumber. They twist and turn like a snake.

I bought roofing grade chip board for the flooring.  I wanted marine grade plywood, but that was just too outrageously expensive. And, being at least eight inches off the ground, the floor is safe from Monsoon flooding that we get annually. The shed will be higher and drier than the house.

Well, with the mercury hovering at 110º, a few hours in the sun laying down the floor was good enough for the weekend. Next weekend I will build the walls, and paint the sides that will face the block walls around the property. On the 4th of July weekend, Mike Henderson will be joining me to put everything together.



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