CampfireThe annual ban on open fires has been lifted in Apache Junction, and Liz and I went into the desert with Mike and Tami to enjoy a campfire, enjoy cold beers and roast marshmallows this past Friday night.

I brought the Mossberg 500 pump shotgun – Mike had never fired a shotgun before.  Nor had Liz. That’s the nice thing about the Arizona desert, there are plenty of secluded areas not twenty minutes from our home where we can recreate without disturbing others.

I also took the Walther P-3, an antique semi-automatic .32 caliber pistol. The last time I had it out, it was experiencing quite a few stove-pipe jams – that is where the spent cartridge is not expelled, but instead gets caught by the slide, effectively jamming the gun.

I field stripped it, and gave it a thorough cleaning and lubrication, and that did the trick. I emptied the magazine without a hitch. All in all it was a quiet night, which we will repeat soon.

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