Captain’s Lounge

Captain's Lounge, Apache Junction, AZ“Captain’s Lounge”
Oil on canvas

Unfinished – I have to allow the painting to dry down a bit before a little (very little) detail work.

Captain’s is a little dive bar in Apache Junction. I use the term “dive bar” in a definitely non-pejorative sense. A dive bar is a good thing – no pretension, no shallowness, no fancy cocktail menu or uppity bartenders.

There are some bars that strive to be dive bars, but are too hip for their own good. A dive bar doesn’t strive, it just is. Some bars take it too far and are merely dumps.

A dive bar excels at inexpensive beer and cheap shots. Ask for a Jack and Coke, and you are on solid ground – ask for an Appletini and you will be laughed at behind your back. The bar at Chili’s is probably more your speed.

A dive bar is no concerned with a menu – the food is secondary. Oh, Captain’s has a kitchen with about 8 items on the menu. Chicken wings, fried chicken gizzards, fried chicken livers, french fries, deep fried pretzels (don’t scoff until you have tried one) – you get the idea. Food to help soak up the alcohol, because you know that you cannot wander into a dive bar and have just one drink.

Captain’s is just my speed – The bartender, Casey doesn’t have to ask me what I am drinking, she just knows. I don’t know whether that is a good thing, or a bad reflection on me. Mary, the owner, ensures that drama stays to a minimum. Cowboys and bikers and snowbirds all peacefully co-exist.  And somehow, I also fit into this picture.

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