captchaOkay – I let up on the rules allowing people to comment on my blog.  At first I restricted it to only people that registered – difficult for new users.

But I have two problems. One is the deluge of spam coming from China and Turkey.  The Turks destroyed this site with a massive attack at one time, due to my outspoken criticism of their government for denying the Armenian holocaust. The Chinese attacked me incessantly because I refuse to sell the domain name.

But the worst attacks came from posts by alliances of Paul Porreca of Millville, NJ, a Superior court judge who was politically active in attacking the Glasstown Arts District before being re-appointed judge.

I had to restrict who could post, and tightened the requirements – apparently too much. As soon as I loosened the restrictions, I was flooded with spam comments. My most recent solution is to institute a Captcha type safeguard – anyone can post at anytime, as long as they provide their email, and solve a simple math problem. This will stop the spam bots for a while. And it is a warning to the Millville Firsters that I am watching and logging everything. Hopefully it will not dissuade my friends from commenting.

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