Caswell’s Shooting Range

targetYesterday, Liz and I spent an afternoon at Caswell‘s Shooting Range.  Caswell’s is a full service gun store with 11 range positions. Range fees are $15 per hour per person, and you can bring your own guns and ammo. Their ammunition prices are very competitive. They insist that you purchase your targets from them; I assume there is less of a profit motive here as there is an effort to prevent people from bringing offensive targets.

I brought my Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum and my .357 Derringer, with fifty rounds of ammo. We also rented a Glock  Model 22 .40 S&W.  I have always been a wheelgun fan, and the only full frame semi-automatic that I have fired was my Dad’s Colt 1911 A1.

Liz and I put fifty rounds through the Glock. My thumb got sore loading the magazine – since the gun was a rental it did not come with a speed loader. The Glock Magazine is extremely difficult to load without a loader.  Getting the final two rounds into the 15-round magazine was punishing on my thumb.

This was Liz’s first experience shooting at a range. After I drew a diagram of how the front and rear sights should be aligned, she proved to be a natural. She is not afraid of the bigger calibers, although the Ruger did begin beating up her hand near the end of the session.

The Glock was such a pleasure to shoot – it is now on my wish list!


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