Bar Exam

I suppose it is not saying too much of my aspirations when my dream in life is to be able to get paid to paint, write and drink – not necessarily in that order. My high school guidance counselor in collusion with my father conspired to direct me into the life of a certified public accountant. Yeah, right! I do have a penchant for numbers, but I am not good at it. I mean, I love Sudoku, but don’t ask me to balance a checkbook. I can add the same column of figures five times in a row, and come up with a different answer each time. Yeah, that is a talent, just not a very marketable one. This is why I swear by Microsoft Excel. And no, I am not getting paid for the plug. But I live and die by Excel. I set up a worksheet to balance my checking account. It automatically adds and subtracts and gives me the balance; the only caveat being that I do have to input the correct numbers. Continue reading “Bar Exam”