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H. Chapin antique wood planes

UNION FACTORY WARRANTED H. CHAPINLast night was another exciting night at the auction, although it is becoming apparent that the Snowbirds are returning to the valley and I doubt there will be many more fruitful evenings as buyers. As the birds return, they begin bidding everything up in price until it is not worthwhile.


But until there is standing room only we will give it our best shot.  Last night we picked up a Model A Ford rim – there were three that sold for $10 each. It will make a nice addition to our garden.

I picked up a Guinness bar clock for $5, which will eventually go up on the outside bar that I am planning to build. Read more

Answers! 1892 Victorian Commemorative Christopher Columbus Bracelet

victorian commemorative christopher columbus braceletSeveral years ago, Liz and I acquired this bracelet as part of a lot of costume jewelry at an estate sale.

It is obviously fine silver; you can tell simply by the feel and the weight of the metal. I tested the metal and it is at least .900 sterling. That led me to believe the blue stones are real sapphire, not glass. Read more

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Justrite Electric Lantern with Cobalt Blue Globe

Justrite Electric Lantern with Cobalt Blue Globe

I have always loved trains. I guess this dates back to my youth and my dad and I used to walk the defunct tracks and trestle on the outskirts of Groveville, NJ, and explore the abandoned station.

My dad grew up in Groveville, and played on the same tracks when the station was in operation. As I recall, this was mainly a freight depot.

He told me the stroy about one fateful Sunday when he was playing on the railroad box cars, and he managed to release the break of a lone boxcar. To his horror the boxcar began rolling dow

n the slope towards the trestle. He quickly abandoned post and watched as the car hurtled towards the trestle. Read more

Wood Bomber Fishing Lure

Wood Bomber Fishing Lure The local Apache Junction Auction is an inexpensive source of entertainment. And at times it can be profitable.

Liz and I go every Saturday evening, and try to cap our spending to less than $50. We look for oddball items and useful items that we normally would not buy for ourselves, but when they can be had for a bargain… Read more