Why I intend to keep the domain Wuli.com

Hendricks Gin - a perfect Christmas Gift!Several years ago I was contacted by an entity that claimed they wanted to purchase this domain, wuli.com. They offered a low-ball $1000, and I turned them down.  Shortly after, I received even more offers, each for incrementally more.

The offers increased to a bid if $7,000 which I flatly rejected.  When they pressed me for a price that I would accept, I offered a number based on the price that some friends got when they sold xes.com. Continue reading »

NO! Wuli.com is NOT for sale!

shooting It has started again – fucking Chinese assholes demanding that I sell my domain to them for a pittance – because they “are not really that wealthy”.

This began three years ago, with emails asking if the domain was for sale, and when I said everything had a price, they figured I meant I would give it away!

I have owned wuli.com since 1998. I have built my creative design business around the name – the websites I have built on this domain have landed me two different full-time jobs as web designer and graphic artist. I have sold countless paintings and sculptural pieces through the website. My main email is through this site’s mail server, and email address I have owned and used since the site’s inception.  I have people that contact me once every few years, and use the site’s form mail or they use my personal email address – people with which if the domain changed, I would lose contact.

I am sorry, but the promise a thousand dollars from some shady person overseas is not worth the hassle of changing the ten email addresses I host for clients, of changing the contact information for the dozen or so websites that I manage for other, of changing the contact information for EVERY account that I use – including all those that I have forgotten that I use!

So figure this out – unless the offer is in five-figures, please do not even waste my time.


Proof of Alien technology?  This is New Mexico! I am into my second new year in Arizona. 2014 is coming off to a good start, and I have reason to feel positive. However, I am hesitant to become too optimistic, I have been beaten down to the gutter every other time things began to look up, and each backward spiral took me deeper than when I began.

But, I am cautiously optimistic – what can I say? Like the electrical towers in New Mexico that I spotted as I drove across country, teetering on an impossible point (proof of alien technology?), but somehow surviving desert winds, I suppose that I will make it through stronger than I started; at least that is what Nietzsche claims. Continue reading »

Desert Colors

The desert isn’t merely a blend of tans, browns and ochres. Granted, these hues dominate the Sonoran Desert landscape, but there are plenty of greens with splashes of intense color.

After the winter rains, spring brings a green carpet to the valley; shades of green overtake the ochres and browns of the mountains.

During and shortly after Monsoon the desert comes alive in a blaze of green and yellow grasses with bright flowers of intense purple, yellow, red and orange. Continue reading »

Unlikely Tenant

great horned owl There is a Home Depot in the East Valley with an unlikely tenant that refuses to pay rent.

This Great Horned Owl has called these rafters home for several years, according to the employee I talked to.

As we were taking pictures, I am sure this fellow was posing; as we moved from one side to the other, he changed positions, and kept his eyes open when we are taking photos, but then closed his eyes when we put the cellphones down.

They do not have a problem with rats or stray cats in this particular store.


Happy New Year from a procrastinator

Superstition Mountains
The Superstition Mountains

Writer’s Block. I don’t understand how compulsive bloggers can keep it up, day after day, year after year. If I have a subject, I can write forever. But when I have nothing to write about, my creative thought processes come to a standstill.

I suppose the secret is to turn the mundane into a fascinating dialogue, to trick the reader into believing they are sharing a personal moment with the writer. Today is the third day of a three-day weekend – which I haven’t had for a while, and hopefully will have less frequently if I get an expected phone call this afternoon. Continue reading »

This is what happens when Germans create children’s myths…

KrampusKrampus is a pagan mythological figure of Germanic origin. A black, hairy figure with an obscene tongue, curved horns and cloven hoofs, he was later usurped by the Church as a depiction of the devil.

Krampus would wander the streets terrorizing children, whipping them with birch branches, and in later manifestations of the myth he would chain them and drag them into hell.

I guess you could call him the Bad Santa. He is a truly sick depiction – the bundle of birch branches can only be called phallic, and come on, what’s up that tongue? Continue reading »

Another Holiday Survived

going to the chapelAnother holiday survived. We were never a close family, but I do miss mine.

Liz’s family came for a visit – Paul Lemmons, her nephew, is great.  He is weird though, he enjoys jumping out of perfectly fine airplanes, and thinks cutting a hole in an ice covered lake to go fishing is fun!

I have been Facebook friends with him for a while, finally got to meet.  He is funny as hell, and great to hang out with.

Thanksgiving was okay – Liz had to work, and I had to take it easy because I had to work all night until Friday morning. Friday we ht the Apache Trail up to Canyon Lake. Continue reading »

General Nonsense – a mixed bag of crap

martini and paletteThe palette is dirty, the martini is not!

California is giving us some nasty weather here in the East Valley. The temperatures dropped to the fifties, and the skies have been gray for three days in a row, and expected to stay this way through the weekend.

Rain is sporadic, creating flood-like conditions throughout the valley. It seems that there is nasty weather across the states.  At least we don’t have to deal with tornadoes or blizzards.

Arizona Drivers:
People in Arizona simply do not know how to drive in the rain. Actually, AZ drivers, at least in this area, are pretty bad overall. We have the Arizona right on red. where the person with the red light doesn’t believe they are required to stop, or even yield to oncoming traffic. We have very creative uses of the directional – when it is used at all. We have the left hand U-Turn on a red light, illegal and dangerous, and again with a total lack of respect for oncoming traffic. And AZ drivers LOVE to drive in your blind spot. They will come up on you very quickly on the highway, and then glue themselves to your blind spot. You can never change lanes without actually turning your head and looking behind you. And they love to cross a three-lane highway totally oblivious to traffic. Continue reading »

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