Website updates

website Stan SperlakMy website design keeps me busy during my off-time. If you are looking for an affordable, custom website, I would be happy to discuss your options with you. Feel free to contact me.

This past week, Stan Sperlak added new paintings, and a slew of workshop updates to his website.

Kirk McBrideKirk McBride also added new paintings and information on his upcoming workshop.

Both artists hail from the East Coast. Stan is a renowned pastel artist from the Cape May region of South Jersey, and travels the world hosting workshops. Kirk is from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and teaches plein air.

Web works

Kirk McBride This has been the month for website updates.  Jill Cucci-Smith wanted a total re-working of her site, not merely a facelift. Stan Sperlak is continually tweaking his site. And Kirk McBride added dozens of new paintings to his galleries.

While Kirk is best known for his seascapes and paintings of the eastern Shore of Maryland, I am especially enamored of his paintings of old trucks, farm machinery and Volkswagen Beetles. I guess the fact that my first vehicles were old trucks (a 1966 Ford 100, a 1964 Ford 3/4 ton, and a 1970 Toyota Hi Lux) and a 1971 Super Beetle might add to the nostalgia. One day I hope to be able to afford one of his paintings. Continue reading »


cucci-smithGrowing up at home, my mother used to rearrange the furniture on a regular basis, or at least that is how it seems. Maybe it wasn’t as often as my memory seems to believe.

It was always a trial for my dad, who was constantly stubbing his toes or slamming his shin into an end table or sofa that was not there eight hours ago. Of course, if my father had his way, there would have been no change in the house at all, and funriture would have been bolted to the floor.

Anyway – I have spent the better part of the last week rearraning Jill Cucci-Smith’s website. I talked her into abandoning her static site in favor of a more dynamic blog format. My first mistake was in installing WordPress into a sub-directory so that we could maintain her old website until we got up to speed. Continue reading »

Jill Cucci-Smith new website

jill cucci smith websiteGood friend and artist Jill Cucci-Smith wanted a total revamp of her personal website, Over the years it has undergone many changes, the last one centered around her Barn Studio.

Jill’s barn has history, and she has been faring very well with her classes for children and adults. Her adult classes involve glasses of wine along with art lessons, so I was not surprised when she took the next step in marketing. The Barn now has its own branded website, hopefully not confusing potential new artists with an URL that is different than the name of the studio; this move left the open for an extreme makeover. Continue reading »

SACA Website now online

saca website It is finally online – the all new SACA website! The Superstition Art and Cultural Alliance needed a website that was easily and quickly updated. A non-profit with very low overhead, we are very cost-conscious.

I recommended a WordPress blog. This allows authorized board members to log in to their separate account and to post and edit pages. The format is certainly more than adaptable to our needs, and we no longer have to wait for the former webmaster to update at his convenience. We have total control of the content and the appearance. And it offers a fresh new look as we expand the organization.

The Real Beverly Hughes

Beverly Hughes website Beverly Hughes is an an amazing friend from Millville, NJ. A botanical illustrator, her work has been featured on a postcard, part of a cache featuring the postage stamp designed by William Bartram, and available at Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia.

Beverly was a fixture at the Burcham Farm, the last working dike farm on the now Wild and Scenic Maurice River.

The Burcham Farm, when it was still operational, provided fresh produce to the local grocery stores. They had a heard of sheep, and the annual shearing was an event. Beverly uses this wool to make yarn the traditional way.

She has recently illustrated and written children’s coloring books. Her website is a microcosm of her talents and projects.  It is still undergoing some minor tweaks, but the major facelift is complete.

Going to the Dogs

Lynne Lockhart websiteWhen it rains, it pours.  It could pour cats and dogs, in this case it simply deluged me with dogs!

In the past month, all of my loyal website clients made changes to their sites. I love when that happens.

Lynne Lockhart, hailing from Maryland’s eastern Shore, decided on a total makeover for her website. (Click on the image to visit the site.)

Beside the obvious cosmetic changes, she changed the focus of the site to feature her specialty, dog paintings. And she is amazing, especially when you consider that every painting featured on the main index page of the website is a mere 6″x6″. With a minimal number of brushstrokes she manages to capture the personality of her subjects.


Kirk McBride

Kirk McBride never stops – three big updates to his website in less than a month!

He added three new paintings, including this one, to his Coastal Gallery – sixty paintings of the Maryland coast.

Whether he is painting skiffs and oyster boats, or old trucks in the desert, or Volkswagen Beetles by the California coast, he has a way of giving the illusion of detail when his style is truly loose. He lets the viewer fill in the blanks.

Jill Cucci-Smith website changes

cucci website It seems I have been doing a lot of website updates lately – not that I am complaining. Jill is the latest, with added classes and workshops, as well as streamlined workshops pages.

The updates have been minor, I did revamp the banner/header graphic because I was never really happy with the previous version. The new one is simple and clean.

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