Stan Sperlak updated his website

website Stan Sperlak I have been busy with website updates this week. That is always a good thing!

Stan Sperlak recently added a blog to his site, and he commenced with an excellent post on his recent trip to Hawaii. Now, beside viewing his work you can get into the head of this artist, as he writes on a personal and highly readable level.

Under his paintings page, he added a new gallery of recent paintings. How he manages to produce as prolifically as he does while also managing an intense schedule of workshops in venues all over the world amazes me. updates

Kirk McBrideAs usual, when I make significant updates to my clients’ websites, I post an update here.

Kirk added about a dozen new paintings to his galleries. If you are unfamiliar with his work, I urge you to visit the site. I especially like his recent paintings of old rusty trucks, and vintage Volkswagen Beetles.  I have a soft spot for old Beetles – I used to own a 1971 Super Beetle with sunroof that leaked when it rained!

An accomplished plein-air painter, Kirk’s subjects range from the Arizona desert mountains to the Maryland seaboard. He offers workshops, and did make one important change to an upcoming plein-air workshop; if you are from the East Coast and familiar with his work, check this out.

Why I intend to keep the domain

Hendricks Gin - a perfect Christmas Gift!Several years ago I was contacted by an entity that claimed they wanted to purchase this domain, They offered a low-ball $1000, and I turned them down.  Shortly after, I received even more offers, each for incrementally more.

The offers increased to a bid if $7,000 which I flatly rejected.  When they pressed me for a price that I would accept, I offered a number based on the price that some friends got when they sold Continue reading »

Need a website?

arizona rest stop

Three years of webhosting, domain registration, AND your own blog for only $250!

We have come a long way since the age of dinosaurs. Smoke signals and the beat of drums might have been a effective means of communication in ages past. Petroglyphs certainly left a lasting record of the exploits of long lost tribes. But face it, in today’s electronic world, you need more than a calling card or a newspaper ad to get your name out.

Facebook is an effective, and free method of reaching your audience. On the other hand, Twitter might be fun but is a waste of time, and I really don’t understand Pinterest. Pinterest is easy, but is it effective? If so, I would like somebody to share their secret!

To effectively communicate your expertise, especially if you are a visual artist, you need to have a website. On a website you can regularly share your new work, as well as your history and expertise in a framework that is easily navigable, and provide potential clients easy  contact information without having to provide everybody with access to your personal life.

There are free alternatives for websites, such as Wix gives the amateur a way to create a visually appealing website. However, it lacks certain necessities and niceties.

The main weakness with Wix is the inability to have an easy to remember URL, or web address. Oh, Wix does allow you the option to link the site to a URL, but they charge for it, and the fees are more than you would pay for your own website and domain registration. And, they reserve the option to populate your site with advertizing. I didn’t find the site easy to use, and I am a professional website developer.

For myself, I have found the most effective website is a blog, such as WordPress. This site runs on WordPress. A WordPress page can be fairly easily configured to your needs.  WordPress has free blogs – however, the free blogs also lack the integration of your own URL without extra recurring fees. They also disallow you placing ads, if you are so inclined; while reserving their right to place ads that might detract from your visitor’s experience.

If you are not technically savvy, setting all of this up can be confusing. That is why I am offering my services to set you up with three years of domain name registration, webhosting and the installation of WordPress for a one time fee of $250.  I will set up your preferred domain name with a registrar – you will always own your domain name for as along as you want.  I will set up three years of webhosting, and install WordPress.

You will then be able to easily log in to your account and make updates whenever you wish, and you can even add updates from your smartphone or by email. After the account is set up, you will not have to rely on a web designer to make your regular updates!

After the three years is up, you will of course have to renew the web hosting and domain registration, which runs about $100 a year currently. And I will always be available to offer you help and guidance via email. This is the sort of help you cannot get with any of the free options. If you are in need of a web presence and this sounds like a viable solution, please use my contact form via the link at the menu located on the top of this page, and I will be happy to discuss it further.

Kirk McBride website updates

Kirk McBrideKirk McBride, an artist from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, had me make some major updates to his website this weekend.

He added dozens of new paintings. What he can do on a 6″ x 6″ canvas amazes me. Most of my favorite paintings of his are all small scale, 8″ x 10″ and smaller. You would never guess guess by the detail.

Web Design Services – $300 for a custom website!

website Stan SperlakFacebook and Twitter can only do so much to promote a person as an artist. A serious artist really has to have a personal website that showcases their work and speaks of them as an individual.

Facebook is too distracting to be a serious platform for self-promotion, although it is integral in the overall plan. LinkedIn caters to too narrow an audience, and in each of these cases it can be difficult to access the page of the person you are looking for.

Websites allow for a personalized URL, an address that can be printed on a business card, linked to via emails and social websites, and allow you to provide a custom experience for your visitors. Continue reading »


website Jill CucciArtist Jill Cucci-Smith added classes to the fall schedule for her Barn Studio.

Jill holds classes during summer break for children and teens, and hosts adult classes throughout the year.

She has just started renting the Barn for parties with an artistic flare.

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