CenturyLink is only as good as the weakest link…

CenturyLink SUCKS!CenturyLink sucks! THIS is why they suck. This box serves hundreds of customers in the old part of Apache Junction.

Last June we began experiencing ever increasing problems with our internet service. The internet would go down periodically, but would come back up in a matter of minutes.

We put up with this, until in August it went down for good – no access.  Zero. Zip. Nada!

I finally called what passes for tech support – of course it is outsourced, screwing Americans out of employment so the CEO of CenturyLink can add a few bonus dollars to his already overly fat wallet at the expense of providing customers with quality service.  After navigating their horror story of an automatic directory, I was able to speak to a human being for whom English was just barely a second language.

Not knowing for sure, at this time, what the problem was, we spent a frustrating hour on the phone as they had me unplug and replug the modem – which was the very first thing I did, because it is ALWAYS the first thing you do when troubleshooting connectivity problems. But I humored them. I played their stupid game, and after an hour the girl said that “you do not have any internet”.

Well, golly gee – is THAT my problem? I was wondering why I was on the phone with you for a freaking solid hour! They said they could have a tech out in two days.  Really?  That fast?  It’s not like we have a real problem or anything, like paying for a service that you are not delivering!  After berating her for a good ten minutes, she managed to find a tech that could come out the next day, after hours.

He did the necessary inspection of the inside jack (brand new, with no phone or anything else hooked up to it) with a brand new ten foot worth of line running along the wall to the outside brand new telephone box that had not been opened  since it was installed not even a year ago. The DSL line was also brand new, run underground to the box in the alley.  Nope, as I told the supposed customer service rep, the problem was not on our end. He tracked the problem to the “box at the end of the alley” and told me that it was a wonder that we were getting service at all, as the wires were “spaghetti” – his words.  I had no clue just how bad they really were.

Since then we have had three more technicians out, each time being without internet access for at least a 24 hour period, with no offer from CenturyLink to refund a portion of our bill for the service that we were paying for but not receiving. Every single call began with the nightmare of explaining to the customer support desk that the problem was on their end, not our end, and we did NOT want to waste an hour troubleshooting when that was absolutely, in no way, the problem.  In every case these brainless morons insisted from reading from their scrip in broken English and subjecting us to an hour of tedium rather than just place a call for a tech.

We lost internet again on Friday morning. I told Liz that she could call, I had lost patience and would end up screaming at the blithering idiot on the other end – so they subjected Liz to an hour worth of troubleshooting and finally said “you are not connected to the internet!” It is amazing how they came to that conclusion, an hour after we called and told them we were not connected…”

Yesterday, I decided enough was enough. After the tech left, having “fixed” the problem, if you can call twisting two wires together in a rat’s nest rather than repair the CAUSE a fix. So I decided to find the culprit, the box that served our neighborhood.  Every tech agreed it was a mess, but I in no way expected to see this fiasco.  A few months ago, it was simply the front panel was swinging open, not entirely gone.  A few months ago, at least the wires were pretty much pushed inside the box, not hanging out like somebody had just lost a spaghetti fight.

So in short, THIS is why CenturyLink sucks; not one person in corporate gives a damn about their customers, certainly not enough of a damn to invest in the infrastructure and perform what can only be called basic maintenance.

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