Cholla Lamp

Cholla LampWhen we began our regular hikes in the desert last year, we collected tons of detritus, rocks and cholla branches.

I didn’t know what I was going to do with the branches, only that they were cool.

One day I said to Liz, this would look really cool if I could put lights inside. Of course I was speaking of the eight foot high cholla skeleton that is next to our studio (and I still might put lights in it some day) but I finally decided on an easier project.

Michael’s sells LED strings that are battery operated for than $6.99.  Wait for the 40% off coupon, and now we are talking something I can afford!

It took quite a bit of work with my Dremel, router and drill to fit the battery pack inside the base of solid wood and to fish the string of LEDs through the piece.

I am going to have to fine-tune the process, and hone my skills with the router for future lamps – but I am happy with this test run.

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