Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Due to our busy schedules, we had to put the tree up a week early this year. We like live trees, and usually wait until two weeks before Christmas to buy one, since we want it to still be green on New Year’s Eve.

So yesterday we picked out a fresh tree and decorated.

It has been a busy week already – I am in the middle of two big projects, and last night was the AJ Christmas parade. It was warmer than last year, and it seemed there twice as many people to watch, and the parade was much shorter.

Of course you can see the priorities in AJ by comparing parades. The Christmas parade was about twenty minutes long, there were more horses than anything. During Lost Dutchman days, the parade before the start of the rodeo lasts for two hours or longer.

Anyway, the tree is decorated.  Liz is going to do the rest of the house today. I am already exhausted from a very busy morning – but that is fodder for another post.

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