Finally, a breather! I have a Saturday that is mine, all mine.

We had a rare spring rain last Wednesday, and today a cool breeze is a reprieve from the heat the week before.

My friend Gerry Moore from back east visited last week. He came to see a Cubs Spring Training game.

Arizona is home to a half dozen Spring Training stadiums. Sloan Stadium is a half hour from our house.

Spring training used to be vacant fields and aluminum bleachers. No longer – Sloan Stadium is as nice as any I have been in. Gerry had to purchase the tickets the day they went on sale. Since the Cubs won the World Series last year, everyone is now a fan! All seats are sold out for the duration of the season.

Our seats were right behind the home team dugout.The crowd was friendly even though Liz insisted on wearing her Yankees cap, and Gerry wore his Phillies cap.

Beer was overpriced. The only hot dogs we could get were the Chicago slop with the dark green mess they call relish slathered over the dog. The vendors look at you like you have a third eye if you ask for sauerkraut.

After the game, we dropped by the Mesa Drummer for food. The Drummer is a great little dive bar in, you guessed it, Mesa. The grill is right behind the bar, so you can watch your food being prepared. They have one of the best hamburgers in the area, and Jeremy will cook it any way you ask. Jeremy is proud Navajo, raised on the reservation, and wants to be a professional chef one day.

After arriving home, Gerry and I began working on the bottle of 12 year Jameson that we opened the Friday before, in celebration of St. Paddy’s day. For all of you non-Irish, it is not St. Patty‘s day. Patty is a girl’s name. And you can’t drink Bushmill’s that day, Bushmill’s is a Protestant whiskey. Just sayin’.

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