Desert Colors

The desert isn’t merely a blend of tans, browns and ochres. Granted, these hues dominate the Sonoran Desert landscape, but there are plenty of greens with splashes of intense color.

After the winter rains, spring brings a green carpet to the valley; shades of green overtake the ochres and browns of the mountains.

During and shortly after Monsoon the desert comes alive in a blaze of green and yellow grasses with bright flowers of intense purple, yellow, red and orange.

The Texas Sage is green all year; it takes a summer of intense heat and then a drenching rain to bring out the brilliant purple flowers, sort of a resurrection story.

The mighty Saguaro blooms after the Monsoon – white flowers bloom at night and only last a day before giving way to the delicious fruit. In fact, all of the flowers and fruits of the Sonoran native cacti are edible, and rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants.

The flat leaves of the prickly pear are similar in texture to okra, and are great in omelets, or pickled and eaten raw.

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