Desert colours

Superstition color[Edited 3/31/15 - added identification for the wildflowers]

The Superstition Mountains are the greenest they have been in years, according to locals. The trails are awash in color, hopefully a portent of a spring bloom days away. Here is a shout-out to Gerry Moore.

I am recovering from a bout with the flu – my first in twenty years. Winter is officially over in the desert – temperatures in the 90’s forcing me out of the house and into the fresh air.

I hiked a short route at First Water trailhead, starting at the horse trailer parking area and looping around the back way to the abandoned corral and out the cattle gate.

The desert was speckled with brightly colored patches amidst the shades and hues of green. Of course i am patiently awaiting the expanses of desert poppies that will blanket miles of rock.

I have done my best to identify the various flowers, of course with the local common names. Whites and yellows predominate, with blues, pinks and purples contributing a splash of decadence to the austere browns, ochres and tans that define the Superstition Wilderness throughout the rest of the year.

Butterflies fluttered and farmed the nectar, and honeybees buzzed, taking full advantage of this gift from Mother Nature. The winter rains have ensured that the creeks are still flowing.

Water HoleThe waters were still running, and I even found a water hole deep enough for me to stand in up to my chest, if I were so inclined, to bathe.

I am now back home, relaxing under the ramada, enjoying a cigar and a Stone Pale Ale. John Lennon’s “God Save Oz” is playing on my MP3 player, my dogs are relaxing after their meal, and all is well with my world at this moment.

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