Desert Detritus Clock

Desert Detritus ClockDesert Detritus Clock 

I have painted dozens of my superstition Sawblades, and converted many of them into wall clocks.

I have added Desert Detritus Clocks to my itinerary. Why not more sawblade clocks? Well, beside not wanting to saturate the market – ha ha – I could explain that I wanted to expand my artistic horizons and embrace more creative outlets. The real answer is more mundane – I picked up the wrong clock works and was too lazy to go back and exchange them for the proper size.

On our regular hikes in the desert, we generally scavenge all sorts of debris, some nature made, some man-made. Old rusted pieces of metal, remnants of wood and construction debris, old roots and wind and sand weathered tree branches all find their way into our pile of old junk in the studio, patiently awaiting a second chance at life.

I found the perfect marriage of a pile of junk that needed a purpose and clock works that needed a home.

This is my first pendulum clock, and what we have is found object/re-purposed art with a function. What more could you want?


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