Desert Detritus Mantel Clock

desert detritus clock Desert Detritus Mantel Clock


This is my latest Desert Detritus Clock.  The knurled wood is Cholla root, hand rubbed with 10 coats of linseed oil.

The metal is an old heater grate scavenged from the desert, as is the other piece of metal making up the base.  The wood base is a chunk of wood from the wash next to  Liz’s nephew’s house. I added the color to it, with some antiquing, so that this piece would not be monochromatic.

The base is about 11″ x 5″. The clock movement is a highly accurate quartz movement, and I always provide Duracell batteries with my clocks, no scrimping.

Time flies. It has been more than a week since my last post. Life tends to get in the way of me doing the things I want to do, and sometimes the things I like to do get in the way of life…

Stan Sperlak had some updates to his website – some new images, but mainly his updated 2014 Workshops schedule.

With the Arizona brand of winter moving in – heck, the temps dipped into the 30’s this past week, I did some work around the house.  Liz bought a set of heavy drapes for the living room window that is not insulated – it is a very large multi-paned window. I had a curtain rod that I trash-picked.  I painted it with a textured metallic paint, and now she can sit on the sofa and not have a cold breeze blowing on her back.

I installed new weather stripping on the back door – the old stripping was dry rotted. I also installed a motion detect LED light above the back door so that we can see the back patio area at night when we go out.  The desert is dark at night! Also a small LED light in the outdoor cupboard I built earlier in the year.

We are working on a community project with SACA (Superstition Arts and Cultural Alliance) for an art piece that will be erected and displayed on the grounds of a local art center.  All volunteer, it will consist of wood panels that are cut into various shapes, and painted by local youth, similar to a project Liz did in Millville, NJ.  Since I have the power tools, I get to do the cutting and assembling.  I will most certainly post photos of the project as it progresses.


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