Desert Detritus Mantel Clock

Desert Detritus Mantel ClockDesert Detritus Mantel Clock


The knurled wood on this clock i from the root system of a cholla cactus which grows the size of a small tree.

The base is scavenged wood and steel, gathered on our regular hikes in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.

The clock works are accurate quartz movement. I now have a half doze clocks in the studio, all keeping the exact time with only a minor deviation of several seconds between them all.

The weather is finally amenable to hiking again – and I can’t wait to get back into the desert and mountains of the Superstition Wilderness.

This is my first mantel clock, the rest have been wall clocks. As I get extra money I buy more clock works; I have a large stockpile of old metal and wood ready to be utilized.

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