Desert Spring Colors

Desert Globemallow It is spring time in the Sonoran Desert. It is a balmy 80° F (35°C) with a soft breeze.  Plants are beginning to bloom, with the hardy Desert Globemallow pushing its way up through the crusty arid soil. It is amazing that these delicate looking plants can survive a mostly waterless winter.

white Oleander

The Oleander is in full blossom – we have a white and a red in the back yard along the wall. And the Palo Verde tree is now bright yellow-green – a burst of color against a brown landscape.

The Cow-Tongue cacti are just beginning to show buds which will soon be flowers.

Palo VerdeI gave the misting system around the patio a test run today.  All of the jets were plugged – our water is extremely mineral-rich, even the filter was not able to prevent the jets from clogging. A good soaking in vinegar for twenty minutes cleaned five out of the six. I suppose I will have to make a trip to Ace Hardware and buy some replacements.

OleanderI have finally acquired all the necessary tools to begin playing with my welder. Last year I picked up an Italian built MIG welder. It is a small unit, works on 120 volt system. I bought welding gloves and an auto-darkening solar powered helmet. I paid more for the helmet than I paid for the welder, but the helmet still was 1/3 the price at the big box stores. My web design jobs are helping me acquire the equipment I need – this week I picked up an angle grinder and a wheel cutter.  They are certainly not top-shelf tools, but they will suffice to get me started.  They were the best I could afford.

I have a pile of old rusty horse shoes. I have an idea in mind to create a mantle clock with pendulum. I have a section of vertebrae (horse or cow?) that I will incorporate into the piece.

I had planned to play with the welder this weekend, but family duties interfered. I still have to clear out the car port – it will serve as my welding workshop when I find a home for the “stuff” that is now occupying valuable real estate, and get rid of the cardboard that is stored there.  Piles of cardboard and wild sparks from a welder do not mix well.

Friday evening Liz and I treated ourselves to a night out.  We don’t get to do that too often. We hit the Chinese buffet in Mesa – they have an excellent selection of sushi and sashimi. And Kirin beer – dinner for less than $30. Then we hot Captains, the only dive bar we can find seats in until the “‘birds” migrate back north.  We are really hating the cold-snowy winter that just will not quit – the tourists are beginning to overstay their welcome. We just want to be able to hit our favorite watering hole and find some free seats at the bar for a quiet evening. With my new hours, I am only free to go out on a Friday or Saturday evening.

I kept busy doing work around the house and yard this morning. Now I am planning on kicking back and relaxing until it is time for work. Tonight is my Monday morning!



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