Finish line

Pergola completedWhew! Complete – well, almost. I have the soffet on the house side to install – not that anybody would see it – but it will add eight more inches of protection from the afternoon sun as it sets in the west and peeks over the roof of the house.

The blinds are really inexpensive ones from The Home Depot – plastic made to look like bamboo. The 120″ one cost something like $28. We could have gone for the exensive bamboo ones, but the desert sun would rot the cords on those as quickly as it will these, and both serve the purpose of blocking the sun. The pergola is really comfortable amd even more so that Fall has arrived and our temps are only in the 90’s.

Last Saturday, the day I had planned to use to place the finishing touches on the project, gave us weather that caused a change in plans. A major Pacific Coast storm front managed to invade the Sonoran Desert, covering the East Valley in a deluge of much needed precipitation.

The video is not all that exciting – unless you live in an aread deprived of this sort of weather event.  It rained from early afternoon throughout the evening, and the ground is still saturated. Overnight, grass sprung up in the back yard, and I have to mow every two or three days now.

My Birthday (last Thursday) was uneventful. I had to work. Friday night I took Liz to Superstition Skies, and spent the birthday money my mom sent. The band was great, but the service was lacking, so we left early and spent the evening under the pergola, relaxing.

I should elaborate – Sies is one of our favorite roadhouses – Jeff the bartender is number one! The food is above average for a drinking establishment – and always consistent.  Last Friday night, Jeff was breaking in a new bartender – a cute chick covered with tattoos with a bubbly personality.  Nothing wrong with any of the above – but bubbly personalities don’t keep our glasses filled.  You can be cute and perky, but if you don’t refill our glasses in a timely manner, we are out of there.

Mike gave me a bottle of Jameson for my birthday – and that will not go to waste, and will certainly not be under-appreciated.

On Saturday night we hit the auction, getting our time in before the ‘birds begin bidding the prices out of our range.  We are cheap – some call it frugal, to be nice – and will rarely get involved in bidding wars unless there is something we really want, or now we can flip for a nice profit. I did pick up a it full of Dremel accessories for $5.

After the auction we hit the Dog Run. Captains has a really bad bartender on Saturday nights.  She is too involved in her own drama, and texting her boyfriend, and gettign involved in provate conversatiosn with her favorite customers to bother payign attention to other customers. Just because our pitcher is still half-full does not mean that we may not want to order food, so eye-contact once in a while would not hurt.

The Dog Run has karaoke on Saturday nights. The first night, I was ready to leave when we walked in, the karaoke was bad – and not bad in a good way. But we were troopers and stuck it out, and I am happy we did.

As the night progressed the karaoke improved, and not due only to the effects of several drinks. There are several regulars that can really sing, and even perform. The bartender even sings, and never misses a beat as she serves her customers. The music ranges from old country to new country to hip hop to pop to rock and roll. And some of the regulars are so bad that they are good.

On Sunday I put the finishing touches on the pergola (all except, as stated earlier, the one soffet) installing the LED ribbon lighting around the eaves and the two smaller blinds on the south side.  I installed plant hooks on the posts, which are being used to house candle lanterns.

It is finally ready for prime time – I cannot wait for this weekend when I can crack that bottle of Jameson and maybe have a small fire in the fire pit in the evening.

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