IMG_1235If you’ve seen one fireworks display, you’ve seen them all. And there is little that you can do with a photograph of fireworks that hasn’t already been done.

What is it about fireworks, that no matter how many displays you have seen in your life, you are drawn to watch them again? I have no desire to be in crowds or mob scenes. I hate being stuck in traffic and fighting the throng of vehicles to exit when the event is over.

My solution is to climb on my roof with a cold six-pack of beer, my camera, and a cigar.I had an excellent view of the city’s fireworks display, as well as a dozen other displays around the neighborhood. In Arizona, fireworks are legal. Sure, it is against Apache Junction city code to set off fireworks within the city limits, but our local law enforcement are more concerned about enforcing real laws and preventing real crimes.

In Arizona most roofs, especially older houses, have a very slight pitch.  I suppose this dates back to pioneer days when lumber was scarce.  Also, with summer temperatures hitting 110º F on a regular basis, attics are unusable.

IMG_1189The roofs also serve as a platform for central air conditioning units. Houses in the Valley do not have basements. Most do not even have crawlspaces.  Crawlspaces would harbor critters and other unwelcome guests such as nests of rattlesnakes. They also add unnecessary costs to the structure.

Basements are extremely expensive – our ground is comprised of caliche, basically nature’s answer to concrete. Excavation is expensive. Also, during monsoon, the rainwater has no where to go except to the lowest elevation.  If you have a basement, guess what? You now have a very expensive swimming pool.

Air conditioners are placed on roofs simply because there are no basements or crawl spaces to run duct work. The ducts are run through the attics – or rather through the otherwise unusable space between your ceiling and roof.

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