Five tons

5 tons of stoneFive tons of stone…

It doesn’t look like much. I expected a much larger pile when the truck left, and was worried that there would not be enough to cover the yard.

It’s called keeping up with the Jone’s – or I guess in our case, since our neighbor is Mormon, keeping up with the Smith’s…

curb appealOur neighbor has been working on his front yard since before we moved here. It was his yard that made ours look so good, or at least distracted people from how bad it really looked.

But this past month he has been working on the yard almost daily and finally completed the three-year project. And, by comparison, our yard looked like poor white trash. Or, at the very least, lazy white trash.

herb gardenMy non-Mormon, half-Mexican, drinking buddy, neighbor Bob helped me spread the stone; I even finally took down the Christmas lights from the eaves of the house.

We still have to get stone for the driveway; for that we will go with a lighter color, smaller size. I understand the city will be constructing sidewalks in the near future – as we are one of the oldest original neighborhoods in the city, I think it is about time. Our street was sub-divided in the 1940’s, over 20 years before Apache Junction was chartered as a city.

Anyway – the front yard is done, and there is ample stone for small areas of the back yard. A couple wheelbarrow loads filled the dirt void between patio and wall, providing drainage for Liz’s herb garden.

There is still enough stone to begin some landscaping around the studio. For some reason the grass like to grow around was serves as a foundation for the studio, so that will have to come out before I toss down the gravel. I suppose that is in the works for next week!

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